Three Major Accomplishments for Future Expats

This is not the kind of article I normally publish, but bear with me.

This has been a banner week here at Future Expats Forum. I actually have three accomplishments to share:

  1. We’re now featured on a large online Travel Channel
  2. Future Expat is a regular featured columnist for a major resource site for expats
  3. Our Next Big Thing has launched

We’re Part of Shareaholic’s Travel Channel!

I’m tickled to tell you that this site has been selected as a Featured Publisher in Shareaholic’s Travel Channel.


Don’t know who Shareaholic is? Well, if you scroll down to the bottom of this article, you’ll see a row of social media icons and the label “Sharing is Caring.” It’s a great tool for you, the reader, to spread the word about online information you like.

Shareaholic also has a massive website where they curate the best content the web has to offer, organized into “Channels” by subject. If you visit their Travel Channel, you’ll see articles from Future Expats Forum featured there.

I’m very happy they’ve chosen this site to be part of their offerings.

I’m a Columnist at Expat Focus

Expat Focus is a huge resource for expats and plan-to-be expats, and they’ve just asked me to write a regular monthly column for them about my Panama adventures. My first article for Expat Focus chronicles my rather bumpy entry into life in Panama.


WordPress Building Blocks

WordPress Building Blocks

I’m very happy to announce that my next big thing is finally here. The doors are open on my new website, WordPress Building Blocks.

If you’re one of the majority of readers who need to generate income once you move overseas, and if you plan to do it with a portable career, check it out.

The site consists of easy to digest, bite-sized pieces of instruction to walk you through the process of creating a WordPress-based website. It’s designed specifically for the non-techies. If you already know HTML, CSS, PHP and programming languages, it’s not for you.

But if just seeing those initials makes you break out in a cold sweat, mosey on over and look around.

There’s a free 7-part email series you can sign up for to get you started.

The site is a work in progress, and I’ll be uploading more tutorials and more steps in the process over the next weeks and months.

You can ask your questions about WordPress here.

Or review the basics of building your online house with WordPress here.

Enjoy! Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. . .

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