The Worldwide Struggle for Internet Freedom

As an expat, you need a free and uncensored internet so you can see and share news, connect with loved ones, and enjoy the social media, entertainment and other amenities you’re used to.

Sadly, censorship is increasing all over the globe — and you might be surprised at where it’s occurring.

Take a look at the infographic below, and read about what you can do to help. In the meantime, to protect your own internet use, sign up for a VPN from PureVPN, the company that’s sponsoring this effort, and use it!

(Not sure what a VPN is? Read about them here.)


  1. Very true, what I read from Susanna’s blog. I have moved from The Netherlands about 3 months ago to Las Tablas. I love it and hated to have to go back to The Netherlands because I had to organize my emigration to Panama. I am now (march 20 ) in a cold country. Where people were glad yesterday was a day with more sunshine than ever. But I still sat with my coat on, in the sun, with trousers and socks and cold feet.
    Las Tablas! I hope I’ll be back very very soon. After only three months of living there I already speak about: my house(rented), my mountains, my birds and my country.
    I feel at home in Las Tablas. And, Susanna, I would like to meet you when I am back.
    Please write me so that I have your @mail address .

    • FutureExpat says:

      Sure, Carina, I’d love to meet up when you’re back in Las Tablas. You can contact me quickly by using the form on the site here.

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