Finally! A Real Roadmap for Moving Overseas

A real map for expatsI’ve found it!

Earlier this year, I wrote about my disappointment in a product that promised to be a roadmap for expats.

Instead, it was a bunch of fluff — mostly recycled fluff, at that.

I haven’t given up the search, though, because we future expats need something that will take us, step by step, from our home countries to our lives abroad.

Now the solution is available — and right now, it’s being offered at half price.

Kathleen Peddicord has used her 25 years of writing about the expat life, and 13 years of living as an expat in four different countries to create just such a guide.

Don’t Let Another Single Day Pass You By– Launch Your New Life Overseas Now (Here’s How)

She admits that it can take years for most people to make the move, and that it took her ten years before she left Baltimore for Waterford, Ireland. (I’ve been planning my move for nearly five years now!)
The new program will walk you through every step — all the introspection and soul searching, as well as the practicalities of choosing health insurance, dealing with immigration and visa issues, choosing schools for your kids, buying or renting a place to live and lots more.

How it Works

Every day for 52 days, you’ll receive a lesson in your inbox. This is a focused program, not
a collection of anecdotes like the “program” I was so disappointed in.

The first step starts with identifying where in the world you’d like to go, what’s most important to you, and what limiting factors you need to account for (health problems and schools for the kids are two examples). Next you figure out how much money you’ll have to live on and prepare a budget.

Every day, you have an assignment to complete and loads of information to work with.

Kathleen recommends spending one hour per day on the program for maximum benefit.

You don’t have to complete the program in 52 days exactly — in fact, if you need to pull together financial information and such, it will probably take longer.

But the bottom line is, this program can get you from Point A (your home country) to Point B (your new overseas life) in a very short time. If you’re serious about enjoying a more affordable lifestyle in a new culture, 52 Days To Your New Life Overseas is a fantastic investment, which I can happily recommend.

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