When You Move Abroad, do you Take the Family Photos Along?

We’ve lived most of our lives prior to the digital photography age. In the past five or six years, all our photos have been digital and it’s easy to take them along when we move overseas. But what about the previous decades’ worth of photos?

Do we give them away? Put them in the trash? Haul them around from country to country?

In this video I outline our family’s solution — yours may be different.

When it comes to getting rid of stuff, next to disposing of my large book collection, the photos have been my knottiest problem.

I hope that seeing our solution will help you with yours.

Have you already moved overseas? What did you do with your special photos and mementos?


  1. Before I left, I did the following with my photos:

    1. Got a Flickr Pro account ($25/year and let’s you upload more pictures than the free account).
    2. Went through all my photos and got rid of the ones I didn’t like (mostly vacation photos that didn’t turn out very well).
    3. Whenever I was watching TV, I had my computer and scanner near me and I grabbed a pile of pictures to scan and upload to Flickr.

    Then, I promptly forgot about them and never looked at them again. I guess I’m not a “picture person”, but the same process might work well for someone who is.

    • Good suggestions, Scott. The Flickr account only helps once your photos are digitized. Scanning printed photographs can be an enormous undertaking if you have thousands of pictures, but given enough time, it’s certainly doable.

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