Getting Out of the USA – Easy First Steps for Moving Abroad

My e-book, Getting Out of the USA: What You Need to Know Before Moving Abroad is now available at

getting out of the USA: what you need to know before moving abroad


Who’s It For?

I wrote this book for you if. . .

. . . The last US election pushed you over the edge.

Or maybe you’ve been dreaming for a long time about living in another culture. . . waking up in the morning in a place where everything is new and fresh, just waiting for you to explore. . .

Perhaps the rat race has exhausted you, and you just want to live somewhere with a more manageable pace of life, and where you have time for friends. . .

Or maybe you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, with bills out of control and no foreseeable way to catch up. . .

Whatever the reason, you’re serious about creating a life for yourself overseas. The only question is. . .

Where do you start?

This little book is not an exhaustive resource, but it will give you the basic information you must have to get started.

It provides basic information about the kinds of documentation you’ll need, and how to get your paperwork in order for your overseas move.

It explains the difference between what you need as a retiree vs what you’ll need if you plan to earn an income after moving abroad.

If you like it, I’d appreciate a review.


  1. Does it answer every single question I could possibly have about moving to every country on the globe?
    No, of course not. Besides the fact that would be impossible (because requirements change!), that’s not the intent. The intent is to show you where to start, and how to find the details you need for your country of choice when you’re ready.
  2. Is there a print version?
    Not at this time. If there’s enough demand, I’ll make it available as a paperback.
  3. Is it available for other e-readers, or just Kindle?
    For now, just Kindle. If you don’t own a Kindle e-reader, you can download a free reader to use on your computer, tablet, or phone. To download the app for your phone, tablet, or computer, go here. Or click here for the browser-based cloud reader.

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