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I have personally done business with each of the companies on this page, although I have not bought each and every product listed. I am satisfied that they all offer good value for the money you spend, and provide quality information. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

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Prepping the Move

Planning Your Expatriation

52 Days To Your New Life Overseas

Don’t Let Another Day Pass You By — Launch Your New Life Overseas Now (Here’s How)

Kathleen Peddicord has covered the expat beat for 25 years, but it took a few years before she became an expat herself.

“Thirteen years later, I’ve reinvented my life from Baltimore, Maryland, to Waterford, Ireland…then from there to Paris and on to Panama City, where I’m living today…

“My advice to you?

“Don’t let another single day pass you by.

“Leverage my experience to launch your own dream retirement overseas in as few as 52 days from today.

“That’s a specific promise that I mean literally and that I take seriously.”


I purchased this program myself, and liked it well enough to write a review. Read the review here.

Don’t Worry about Outliving Your Nest Egg

New Video From Kathleen Peddicord Reveals Why You Don’t Have To Worry About Outliving Your Nest Egg…

You can retire in style overseas and live better than you do now…for as little as US$694 a month…

Live well–including a maid, a gardener, a driver–all on a Social Security budget…

Arrange health insurance for US$150 a month or less…some places, you can even enjoy free medical care…

Own your own home in the sun for as little as US$99,000…and wake up each morning to the sound of the waves on the sand…or the freshness of clean, mountain air…

In this brand-new video from Kathleen Peddicord, she explains the 10 Best-Value Destinations for Living and Investing in the World Today. Go here now to watch Kathleen’s free video presentation

Live Expat Conferences

What “Secret” Latin American Haven Checks Every Single Box On The Would-Be Retiree’s List…

And Holds Out Enormous Investment Upside As Well?

This until-now overlooked destination checks every box:

  • Perfect weather…it’s springtime all year long…
  • World-class health care (5 of the best hospitals in all Latin America are here)…
  • Very affordable cost of living…and the real estate? It’s a screaming bargain, both to buy and to rent…

Plus, the people are friendly, the streets are clean and safe, the infrastructure international-standard…

Live and Invest in Panama Home Conference Kit

I spent a lot of money to fly to Panama, stay in a hotel and attend this conference. Now, for just a fraction of what I paid, you can hear all the speakers and see all the presentations in the comfort of your own home. 

Here’s my conference review.

Click here to see a list of what you get in addition to the conference recordings.

Panama Starter Kit

Everything you need to know to realize all the advantages and upsides of living and investing in this beautiful little country at the hub of the Americas.

Act now and save 35%!

Country Reports

The Panama Bridge Kit

Panama bridge kit

Our ever-expanding and most comprehensive Panama package.
In fact, the Panama Bridge Kit is six important Panama resources: 

Live and Invest in Panama,” the complete, 221-page guide (a US$79 value)– This complete and current guide to Panama introduces you to the country’s top seven choices for expat living and helps you to compare them, one to the other, with a clear look at the pluses and the minuses in each case…

Panama 101: 101 Things You’ll Wish Someone Had Told You About Panama” (a US$9.99 value)– This is the guide no one should come to Panama before reading first. In these pages, you’ll learn vital lessons, including the absolute maximum you should ever pay for a taxi ride across Panama City…what not to wear if you want to be taken seriously by your new compatriots… where to go to shop for books in English…a guide to festivals and seasons…and helpful Panamanian-isms…

Panama Residency Visas Supplement,” containing fully up-to-date information on all 14 of this country’s top foreign residency options (a US$9.99 value)–This is your step-by-step guide with answers to all your residency- and visa-related questions…

Little Black Book for Panama,” our private Rolodex, not available for sale anywhere. This is a guide to our best in-country resources, including contact information.

The Special Retirement Report “El Valle de Anton, the World’s Top Retirement Haven for 2009” (a US$13.95 value)–To get you started on your Grand Tour of Panama, this special report features the little mountain town of El Valle de Anton, conveniently located 30 to 45 minutes from the beach and about two hours outside Panama City…so you can regularly enjoy the best of the city, without its heat and humidity…

Our “State of the Panama Property Market Teleconference” (a US$79 value), your key to making sense of what qualifies right now as the world’s most enigmatic real estate market. Keeping up with the ongoing market changes in Panama is no easy thing. This recording features interviews with the three people we trust most when it comes to making money from Panama real estate: resident global real estate investing expert Lief Simon, investor-friend Scott Taylor, and the Panama Letter Editor Rebecca Tyre. All were on the line for a candid, insider conversation. No spin, no color, no promises, just honest discussion about their personal experiences as property investors in this country over the past decade, including recommendations for where and what to buy today.

Click Here for More Information

Read Future Expat’s Review of the Panama Bridge Kit

Panama Without The Sugar Coating

No marketing hype, no rose-colored glasses.

That’s the promise of the Panama Letter.

Panama is right now the world’s top retirement, investment, offshore, and doing business haven. To get the most out of this little country with such an abundance of upside right now, and to determine which opportunities might be right for you, you need to know the full story. You need to understand all the facts, straight, complete, and current.

This is Panama without the sugar coating. From a team of expats, investors, and businesspeople with, together, many decades of experience spending time and making money in the Hub of the Americas.

Go Here Now For The Full Details

Live and Invest in Belize Starter Kit

The complete guide for living, retiring, and investing in Belize (a US$79 value)– This complete and current guide to Belize introduces you to the country’s top choices for expat living and helps you to compare them, one to the other, with a clear look at the pluses and the minuses in each case…

The Kit includes three bonus special reports.

Find out More

All Around Asia

Follow some of the world’s most intrepid travelers as they take you on a journey through Asia unlike you’ll find anywhere else. Paul and Vicky Terhorst introduce you in real time, and a very real-world way to the cities, villages, and beaches of this region that we’ve identified as holding out real potential for the adventurer retiree.

Let our correspondents show you how this brand-new and fully illustrated guide: “Around Asia—On the Trail Of A New Life And A Grand Adventure With Two Of The World’s Most Intrepid Wanderers.”

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Special Reports

Your Guide to Local Health Care in the World’s Top Retirement Havens

top health insurance

All your international health insurance questions answered for the world’s top retirement havens…

  • The standard of local medical care and the availability of hospitals, clinics, etc. (This may affect which country you eventually choose…and even where you settle down within that country)…
  • Private versus public system (if one exists)…
  • Top local health insurance policy options, based on recommendations from in-country correspondents…
  • Policy details, including what’s covered at what cost, and recommended contacts…
  • What to do if you have pre-existing conditions…
  • What to do if you’re older than the cut-off age for new policy-holders…
  • Medicare and TRICARE options and benefits overseas…

Spanning the globe…from Ecuador to France… Croatia to Thailand…the Live and Invest Overseas Top Health Insurance Options for the Retiree Abroad Kit is the most comprehensive resource available on this important topic. This is the retire overseas resource you can’t afford not to have.

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Next Step Residency Kit

The Perks, Privileges, And Peace Of Mind Of Retirement Overseas

The trouble with some Paradises is that they make it difficult for foreign residents to enjoy what they have to offer…

While others roll out the welcome mat, offering benefits, discounts, and other perks for foreign residents. Some countries are even competing to get your attention, offering tremendous advantages and benefits for you…

Whether you’re moving for a better life…a lower cost of living…or a chance to keep more of what you earn and pay less in taxes…

This is the Next Step Guide you need to make your dreams of a new life overseas come true.

Go Here Now For More Details

44 Things You Must Know Before You Relocate, Retire, Or Invest Offshore

44 Things You Must Know

The nuts-and-bolts support you need to live, retire, and invest overseas with confidence.

Before you take off for your new life in Paradise overseas, let us show you…

  • The secret to cheap international health insurance…
  • Your best options for shipping your personal belongings overseas…even how to ship your cat…
  • The fast track to permanent residency in the world’s 6 top retirement havens…
  • The many benefits of second citizenship…and how to obtain it legally…
  • 6 things you must know before you open a foreign corporation…
  • How to reduce your tax burden by 80% or more overseas…even how to live tax-free…
  • How to meet people in your new country…even before you move…
  • The easiest way to keep in touch with friends and family back home

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The Chile Investment Guide

The Chile Property Investment Guide Highlights The Top 10 Areas In Chile With The Highest Investment Potential. These Are Up And Coming Towns And Neighborhoods That Will Be Transformed In The Coming Years And Could Return 1,000% Or More On Your Investment.

More information here. . .

Expat Magazines

Overseas Retirement Letter

Overseas Retirement Letter cover

Fully Detailed Guides To The Five Cheapest Retirement Havens On Earth…Yours Free

Amidst vistas of nearly indescribable beauty, you can pay US$200 a month for rent, spend only 1% of the usual cost of health care, and enjoy a nice dinner out for US$1.50.

The world doesn’t get any cheaper. And, in many ways, it doesn’t get any better.

We have prepared complete reports on the world’s five most affordable overseas retirement havens…places that are not only super cheap, but also beautiful, safe, welcoming, and, in some cases, boasting near-perfect climes, superior foreign retiree benefits, established expatriate communities, tax advantages, and more.

We’d like to send you all five of these fully detailed reports (a US$69.75 value) with our compliments when you take us up on this special limited-time invitation.

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Learn a New Language

Transparent Language
Each month, Transparent Language offers special coupons to Future Expats. I’ll try to keep them up-to-date for you.

Tell Me More — Language Learning Software
I’ve not used Tell Me More myself, but I have a friend who recommends it very highly. Because all of us learn in different ways, some of us do better with one program and some with another. Check this one out and see if it resonates with you.

TELL ME MORE Language Learning Software

Audio Books

Audible: listen to your books

1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from Audible

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