Create a Passive, Portable Income with a Money-Making Website

earn a living from anywhere with a portable careerNot all expats are retirees, nor do we all have great jobs with multinational companies. Many of us are self-employed, choosing to create portable careers we can carry with us, turtle-like, wherever we go.

There is one type of income all of us can develop — retirees as well as employees and self-employed expats.

I’m talking about a money-making website.

You don’t have to be a web guru or a programmer (or even a professional writer) to do this. All you need is a passion for a particular subject and the ability to follow some tried and true steps.

  1. Choose Your Topic
  2. Set up a Website
  3. Start writing
  4. Find some companies that sell products or services related to your topic
  5. Set up an affiliate arrangement with them
  6. Add some affiliate links
  7. Drive traffic to your site
  8. Write some more
  9. Rinse and repeat

Yes, yes, I know that’s an oversimplification. There are some topics that will work better — a lot better — than others. Setting up a website involves a learning curve. Etc., etc., etc.

Meet my Friend, Nick

If developing a passive income in this way sounds interesting to you, meet my friend Nick Usborne.

Nick’s a copywriter with a career spanning three decades. About 15 years ago he recognized that the internet was going to be huge, and he started writing exclusively for the web. What he doesn’t know about doing business online probably isn’t worth knowing.

Nick also has a passion for coffee. Back in 2007 he started a website of his own called The Coffee Detective. In six years, he’s generated over $200,000 in passive income from this site.

Recently he distilled all that knowledge into a program called How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites. I can vouch for it — I went through it during the summer 0f 2012, and the result was my WordPress Building Blocks site where I teach non-technical people how to build beautiful websites with WordPress. (Income from the site supported me in Panama, and now supports me back in the US.)

Click here to learn more about How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites.

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