International House Sitting is a Thing?!

Guest Post by Ashley Mudra Note from Future Expat: You’ve heard my side of the experience, now it’s Ashley’s turn! I’d never heard of it before. Why would anyone trust their home and pets to me, a total stranger? And how would I even find these international trusting people? While researching for my upcoming travels, […]

We Trusted a Housesitter in Las Tablas, Panama: The Rest of the Story

My husband and I have just returned to Las Tablas after a five-week jaunt in the US. We left our dogs back in Panama with a housesitter. I’ve written previously (this is the third installment) about our quest for the person we could trust with our pets and our home while we were away. What […]

Choosing a Housesitter in Las Tablas, Panama

A few months back, I wrote about our search for someone to stay with our dogs while we traveled back to the US this spring. After uploading our request to the Trusted Housesitters site, I was astonished to see 30 applications slam into my inbox in the same number of hours. It seems like a […]

How do you Find Trusted Housesitters?

When you live overseas, going away for a while can be more complicated than it would be in your home country. This is especially true if you have pets. While it’s become easier to bring your pets with you when you move, it can be very difficult to travel with them once you get there. […]

Excellent Small Animal Veterinarian in Las Tablas, Panama

Often I’m asked questions like, “I’m bringing my dog/cat with me when I move to Panama. Is there a decent veterinarian in Las Tablas?” We moved to Las Tablas, Panama with our three dogs in the spring of 2012. Before leaving the US, they were loaded up with innoculations, exams, the whole nine yards. Since […]

Living Arrangements at Home and in Panama: Reader Questions Answered

Finding a place to live in Panama’s interior is very different from what you’re probably used to in the US, Canada or Europe. In those places, whether you’re renting or buying, there are agencies you can visit and professionals who can help. While you’ll find some of those options in Panama City, when you get […]

Losing a Dog in Las Tablas, Panama

Less than two weeks. That’s how long we had our dogs with us in Panama before potential disaster struck. Recently I wrote about our ordeals in moving our three small dogs with us to Panama. As I explained, it wasn’t so much the paperwork, although you have to carefully dot all your I’s and cross […]

Transporting the Dogs: Bringing our Pets to Panama

Our three dogs have finally joined me to live the expat life in Panama, but there were lots of twists and turns in the process since I last wrote about it in December. Back then, we had followed airline guidelines and purchased proper travel kennels for them. We were putting two of the dogs in […]