In Search of the Elusive Rental Casa in Las Tablas, Panama

When you’re in a part of the world that doesn’t have an organized real estate or rental market, finding a place to live is hard. You can’t just waltz into an agency and say, “I’m looking for a two-bedroom house to rent in a nice neighborhood with a fenced yard for my dogs.” I’m here […]

Countdown! When is Moving Out Not Really Moving Out?

Little did I realize, when I told you last week we had vacated the Florida house, that the vacating process would take this long. . . We moved out, with our suitcases, dogs and laptops, one week ago. The estate sale happened on February 18. Somehow, I had visions of walking back in after the […]

Countdown: All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

Tomorrow is February 1, the day we had planned to move to Panama. But we’re not going. Why? Still no tenants for our Florida house. Everything else is poised and ready. Once we get the go-ahead — in the form of a signed lease agreement — we’re ready to whip into our last-minute action. Until […]

Leaving the Country – is it Worth the Hassle?

Guest Post by Steve Harris New Year is a time when people take stock of their lot, with many pondering “would I be better off somewhere else?” Millions of Brits live abroad both temporarily and permanently, and if you are considering joining them for an exciting new life in the sun — or just an […]

Countdown: Why Did I Ever Think Moving Right After Christmas was a Good Idea?

Last week we skipped the Countdown post because we were doing the 12 Days of Christmas guide to expat gift-giving, so we’ll combine weeks 6 & 7 this week. In this installment we’ll review the steps we took over the last two weeks toward getting ourselves moved from Orlando to Panama. At this point, I’m […]

Countdown! Week 5 Already!

Wow, I can’t believe this is the fifth week of Countdown! posts. When we got within the 90-day window for our move to Panama, I started this weekly recount of all the preparation steps we’d taken during the week. Any move is a big undertaking, but the first overseas move is ginormous, so I thought […]

Countdown! Sleepless Nights

I think this week’s countdown can be described as “sleep-deprived zombieland.” The end of our fourth countdown week saw us taking away our dogs’ big wire crate where they’ve happily slept at night for several years, and putting them in their spacious travel kennels to sleep. It wasn’t a happy experience, for them or for […]

Countdown! Spinning in Circles

This week has been characterized by some nice relaxing-with-friends time, and spinning in circles. We’ve just completed the third week in our countdown toward our Panama move, and the week was a pretty mixed bag of getting stuff done, relaxing, and frustration. You can see previous Countdown! posts here. I hope that sharing what we’re […]

Countdown! Week Two

Last week I shared our first Countdown update. Now that we’re within 90 days of our planned move to Panama, I’ll post regular updates on what we’ve accomplished (or attempted) during the week to be ready for the actual move in February. I hope it provides some ideas and encouragement to those of you getting […]

Countdown! Less than 90 Days to Becoming Expats

Things have been pretty crazy around my house recently, but in a good way. My husband and I are planning to move from Florida to Panama in February, so we’re now officially within 90 days of our target date. We can’t completely nail it — yet — because we need to find a tenant for […]