Quality of Life: What Does It Mean to You?

One recurring expat theme revolves around “quality of life.” This is mostly subjective, and something you might perceive as positive which adds to your quality of life, might be a negative to me.

One example might be the proximity of bars and clubs. If you regularly enjoy the city’s nightlife, like to meet your friends or make new friends at clubs and dance until dawn, being close to such a great source of entertainment can contribute a lot to your quality of life. But it’s not a scene I enjoy, and I’d just as soon be far away from it.

Why US Expats are Obsessed with Health Care

Or, A Tale of Two Cysts US expats — in fact all who live in the US — are obsessed with health care. At least, that’s the impression the rest of the world has of us. And they’re right. Totally right, but we have good reason to be so OCD about it. Let me explain… […]

Medical Tourism in Panama

Guest Post by Kathryn Aragon The idea of traveling to a foreign country for medical care — known as medical tourism — may seem extreme or even unnecessary. But in some cases, it’s your best option. For me, it was a spinal cord injury that prompted the trip to Panama. My condition isn’t treated in […]

What’s Involved in Preparing for your Overseas Move?

Here at Future Expats Forum, we focus on two main topics: portable careers and what I call “prepping the move.” Prepping the move is anything you have to do to prepare for moving overseas, from getting rid of stuff you don’t want to move or store, to telling your friends and family your plans, to […]

Top 10 Spots to Retire Overseas in 2011

Every year International Living publishes its list of the top ten retirement havens. They’ve just sent out their September issue, and it includes their take on the best spots in the world to retire. I’ve been known to take issue with their findings in the past (for example, in their 2011 Quality of Life list). […]

My Budget’s Really Tight — How Can I Explore a New Country?

It’s time for another peek in the expat mailbox. I recently received an email from Matt. Matt’s a medical professional who’s starting to research a move to one of the Central or South American countries. He’s not sure how transferable his professional credentials are and asks: “Thank you once again. I really want to get […]

Are You Meeting Your Expat Goals?

Future Expats, what can I do to help you move closer to your expat goals during the coming year? Please choose up to three topics below to let me know what you’d find most helpful. [polldaddy poll=”5100257″] I’ll let this poll run for a couple of weeks, then share the responses with you. You can […]

Finally! A Real Roadmap for Moving Overseas

I’ve found it! Earlier this year, I wrote about my disappointment in a product that promised to be a roadmap for expats. Instead, it was a bunch of fluff — mostly recycled fluff, at that. I haven’t given up the search, though, because we future expats need something that will take us, step by step, […]

Better Health Care Abroad — For Less

What do Brazil, India, Costa Rica, Thailand, Panama, Singapore and Hungary have in common? They’re all medical hotspots for Americans seeking procedures they can’t afford in the US, according to travel website Boots ‘n All. International Living adds Mexico, South Korea and Turkey to the list. If you’re considering living in a country known for […]

What Can I Eat Overseas?

And Stay Healthy? I have some concerns about the food supply in my overseas location. How do I find out whether crops are grown with chemical pesticides or whether the cows are pumped full of antibiotics as they are in the US? I don’t want to assume anything. . . [ad#Google Adsense Double] If eating […]