Mark Your Calendar…Check It Twice! The Taxman is Coming

Guest Post from expat CPA Diane Siriani

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The US tax laws for expats are complex and it does not appear that things are going to get easier any time soon. Since we get so many questions regarding  what is due when, we thought that this reference chart might be helpful to those of you who are interested in being on time, every time.

  1. April 15:
    • 1st “on time” payment date for prior year return
    • 1st Quarter Estimated Tax Due
  2. June 15:
    • Automatic Extension Due Date-Form 1040 with attachments
    • Extension due date—Form 4868/2350 2nd Quarter Estimated Tax Due
  3. June 30: FBAR due—no extensions available
  4. September 15: 3rd Quarter Estimated Tax Due
  5. October 15th: 4868 Extended Individual Tax Return Due with attachments
  6. November 15th: 2350 Extended Individual Tax Return Due with attachments to meet Physical Presence Test
  7. January 15th: 4th Quarter Estimated Tax Due

Things to Keep in Mind:

If you owe no tax, there will be no penalty or interest assessments for a late filed Individual return.

The foreign income exclusion can be revoked if your return is not timely filed.

Hefty FBAR late filing penalties may apply, even though there is no tax related to that Form.

Diane SirianiDiane Siriani is a Certified Public Accountant in Bingham Farms, MI. She has a full-service accounting/tax firm and income tax service in Wyandotte, MI and a global website called Expatriate Tax Returns. She’s very proud of her knowledgeable and service-oriented staff.

(If you’d like to use Diane’s tax service, just click the link above and enter the code EXPAT2-Future  for a 20% discount.)

“Taxes” photo by DonkeyHotey on flickr


  1. Hi there!
    I tried the link you have set up for Diane Siriani and it would not work for me. I suppose it’s too old at this point? I am interested in finding someone to handle my expat taxes. Actually, my taxes for 2013 will be all U.S. based since we came to Panamá on New Years Day 2014. But I’d just as well have someone do my 2013 taxes that can continue to handle them once a knowledge of all the 2014 expat tax issues come into play for me. I’m working via the internet with U.S. based clients while living here in Santa Fe, Panamá.
    Could you tell me how you know of Diane? I know you try to be careful with your ads and endorsements and such.
    Michael Rhoda

    • FutureExpat says:

      Hi Michael,
      Thanks for pointing out that wonky link. I believe I’ve fixed it now.

      I learned of Diane’s tax service after seeing some of what she’d written. She seemed very knowlegeable, so I did a bit of research and then hired her to do my own tax return. 🙂


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