8 Ways to Connect with Future Expat

Recently some readers had questions about how to connect with Future Expat. In a recent video I mentioned the various ways to interact, but I’ll run through them again quickly.

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Get updates in your email. If you want new articles to land in your email box, just click this link. Or, look to your right for the set of icons that looks like this
    RSS feed icon
    and choose the first icon. You’ll go to a page that looks like this:
    a screenshot of the Feedburner pageClick the link that says “Get Future Expats Forum Delivered by Email” and fill in the requested information.
    screenshot for Feedburner email signup
  3. Get articles delivered to an RSS reader. (If you don’t know what an RSS reader is, you can find out all about them here.) Click the link as above, but instead of choosing the email option, select your reader of choice.
  4. Follow on Twitter. You can get a Twitter account by signing up here. Then come back here and click the Twitter link to your right under the heading “Connect with Future Expat.”
  5. Like on Facebook. Click the Facebook link to the right and follow the online instructions to get access to the Future Expats Facebook page.
  6. Connect on LinkedIn. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can connect with me there as well. Click the appropriate link to the right and follow the prompts.
  7. Follow on YouTube. Yes, Future Expat has a YouTube channel. Click the appropriate icon to the right to add the channel to your favorites. You’ll see all the videos from the website in one place, and you’ll also have access to the expat video channels I follow.
  8. Get occasional thoughtful emails — not the posted articles — from me. Download my free e-book, Untether Yourself: 5 Portable Careers to Support You Overseas by signing up to the right under the Free E-Book heading. You’ll then receive a few emails from me each month. (Please note, this is completely separate from the emailed article updates!)

So there you have it — eight separate ways to connect with Future Expat.

Bonus — Ninth way to connect: leave a comment.

If you’re reading this on the website, click the comment link (above) or scroll down to the speak your mind area (below). If you’re reading this in an email or feed reader, you’ll have to click the appropriate link to come to the website first.

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