Villas Coco del Mar One Year Later. . .

Sadly, There’s Not Much Progress

Villas Coco del MarLast year, I wrote a piece about a promising new beachfront development near Las Tablas. It’s the Villas Coco del Mar, and at the time we bumped out there on a very difficult dirt road, there was not much to be seen. Rolling hills, beautiful views, and a long stairway down to the beach. . .

Last weekend we decided to pay Coco del Mar another visit. Sadly, not much has changed in 10 months since I wrote about it last.

The road out to it is just as bad as it was last year. Along the way they’ve provided signs to tell you how much farther you need to go. We found the signs inaccurate, and the distance is a full 1.2 kilometers longer than the 4 km they indicate.

New Construction (But Not Much)

The entrance gates are partially built. The only other construction on the entire site was one maintenance shed and the start of one building. I don’t know for sure, but assume it’s a house as the footprint looked too small to be a condo building and it was in the wrong spot for the clubhouse.

entrance gat

Villas Coco del Mar partially completed entrance gate. This will be Las Tablas’ first gated community.

maintenance shed

Villas Coco del Mar maintenance shed

One house has been started

Villas Coco del Mar, single house under construction

The view was every bit as gorgeous, but this time we were able to get a look at the stairs down to the beach. They’re impossible for anyone with mobility problems, and a bit challenging even for someone who’s fit. I don’t imagine anyone’s going to be running up and down them several times a day, for sure.

Here are more photos — click each image to see more detail in an enlarged view.


  1. Mike, S. Oregon USA says:

    Unfortunate progress.

    So BIG reminder perhaps eye opener,
    Folks need to understand the risks of just buying-in on a whim w/o being there and boots on the ground first. Be most wise & prepared to explore and get settled into perhaps rent an existing dwelling for a while first off.

    “This is Panama” not the overrun USA.

    Correct? Anything else.

    Great blog here!

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