The Best of 2010: 15 Lists for Expats

As 2010 draws to a close, I’ve been looking back at what unfolded during the year. I thought I’d share a list of lists with you. They all deal with various facets of the expat life, and I hope you find them helpful.

Places to Live

  1. International Living’s prestigious 2010 Quality of Life Index
  2. Top Quality of Living Cities for 2010
  3. The Cheapest Places to Live in the World
  4. Ten Most Suitable Countries for American Expatriates
  5. World’s 25 Best Retirement Destinations

Why and How to Become an Expat

  1. 100 Reasons to Become an Expatriate
  2. How to Become an Expatriate: Step by Step
  3. 18 Excellent Tips from Expat Experts
  4. How to Become an Expat and Maintain Your Sanity While Doing It

Support Yourself as an Expat

  1. 64 Ways Location Independent People Earn a Living
  2. Ten Digital Nomads to Learn From
  3. 5 Lessons I Learned After a Year as a Digital Nomad
  4. Becoming a Digital Nomad: Options for Working Remotely from Anywhere
  5. Untether Yourself: Five Portable Careers to Support You Overseas

If you’re counting you’ll see there are only 14 lists here. That’s because one has been removed — Google recently flagged it as inappropriate.

Do you have a favorite expat list you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!


  1. Great list of resources, will be posting the link on my site. Cheers.

  2. Thanks, Lauren! Loved your post about Christmas. (For those of you who don’t yet follow Lauren, you can find it here.)


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