Survey Says. . .

A couple weeks ago I posted a three-question survey, asking whether you want to see more, less, or about the same amount of information about each topic.

The results are in — the majority of you want to see more articles and information about Panama!

Here’s the breakdown.

#1. Panama — news and information about the country and what it’s like to live here

More: 67%
Less: 8.33%
About right: 25%

#2. Prepping the Move (includes technology)

More: 41.67%
Less: 0%
About right: 58.33%

#3. Portable Careers

More: 25%
Less: 16.67%
About right: 58.33%

What Can You Expect in 2014?

Obviously, I’ll write more about Panama. Most of you want that. And based on the other two responses, I’ll be bumping up the number of Prepping the Move and Technology articles a bit, and keeping the Portable Career info about the same.

My thanks to all who completed the survey. If you didn’t get a chance to do so, feel free to comment and let me know where you stand. Also, if you have any questions you’d like answered or other topics you’d like to see covered, please suggest those as well.

It’s been a great 2013 here at Future Expats Forum, and I’d like 2014 to be even better!

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