Expat Skill Sets, Movies and Ho, Ho, Ho

Christmas gift buying for expats — it’s a minefield. That’s why we’re offering our 12 Days of Christmas guide to presents that will help the expats you know with their untethered lives and portable careers, and won’t take up room in a suitcase or container.

Almost halfway through. . . here we are on Day 6 already!

Let’s keep rockin’ this ditty.

The Sixth Day of Christmas

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, my expat gave to me. . .
Six Travel Skill Sets
Five Writing Resources
Four Exclusive Clubs

Three Premium Blog Themes
Two Blogging Books

And a website for to earn some money

On the sixth day of Christmas

“What on earth is a travel skill set?” I hear you ask.

I’m glad you spoke up. It’s the only phrase I could think of that fit the song and came anywhere close to describing this category. Basically, this is a list of six programs that will help you earn money from your travels.

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of lounging in a hammock at a white-sand beach sipping an exotic, fruity drink and then getting paid for doing it? Ah, the glamour of the travel writer’s life. . .

And you can learn how to be a travel writer — the writing part and the business part — from the first two programs on today’s list.

#1. Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program

Learn more about it here.

#2. MatadorU Travel Writer’s Program

It’s a dynamic program for launching your travel writing career. Learn more about it here.

#3. MatadorU Travel Photography Course

Is photography your thing rather than writing? Learn how to support yourself overseas as a travel photographer.

Learn more about it here.

#4. Travel Writing Tips and Tricks

Can’t beat the price on this one (it’s free!). Click this link for information about 15 travel magazines you could sell your stuff to.

#5. Experience the beautiful city of San Francisco while learning how to travel the world for free.

It’s a three-day workshop in one of the most unique cities in the US and learn how to turn your future travels into a career that will support you overseas. All the good stuff from the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program (above), live and in person.

Learn more about this exciting workshop here.

#6. Ecuador Travel Writing Experience

“Experience” is the only word that describes this very special program.

Spend seven fun-filled days in Ecuador. You’ll explore, you’ll study Spanish using a powerful immersion method, and you’ll learn to turn adventures like this into profitable writing assignments.

Learn more about the Experience here.

And on the Seventh Day. . .

Wow! Seven down and only five more to go.

On the seventh day of Christmas

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, my expat gave to me. . .
Seven Expat Movies
Six Travel Skill Sets
Five Writing Resources
Four Exclusive Clubs

Three Premium Blog Themes
Two Blogging Books

And a website for to earn some money
#1. Flower Drum Song

Young girl from China and her father land in San Francisco where she’s been promised to a local nightclub owner as his mail-order bride. General misunderstandings and confusion reign until the right couples end up together.

Read a review here.

#2. The Holiday

Charming Christmas romantic comedy about an American movie-trailer maker and a British journalist who swap homes over Christmas. One of my faves.

Read a review here.

#3. Across the Universe

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I never thought I’d like a movie based on Beatles songs performed by non-Beatles, but it completely won me over. Young British lad visits the US during the 1960s. Lots of period highlights.

Read a review here.

#4. Victor Victoria

One of the late great Blake Edwards’ masterpieces. Young British opera singer finds herself penniless in Paris in the 1930s, hooks up with a nightclub singer and becomes a star. With a few twists and turns along the way, of course.

Read a review here.

#5. Chocolat

A perpetual traveler and her daughter wind up in a small French village where they meet lots of interesting people and transform the town.

Read a review here.

#6. Anna and the King

A remake of the classic Yul Brynner/Deborah Kerr version (which was a remake of the Rex Harrison/Irene Dunne version). This one stars Jodie Foster and Chow Yun-Fat, and it’s the best. Based on the true story of an English lady who came to the court of the King of Siam to teach his children.

Read a review here.

#7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Though not technically an expat movie (because the protagonist isn’t technically an expat) it shows cultures colliding and some of the characters are expats. Another one of my favorite films.

Read a review here.

Bonus Discs: Expats in Space

Firefly was a short-lived but wonderful TV series. Later, creator Joss Whedon turned it into a movie called Serenity. Where we go globe trotting, they go planet hopping — what can be more expat than that?

Read the review here.

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