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Mail Forwarding Service for Expatriates

Moving and living abroad can get really complex, so the last thing you want to worry about is your mail. US Postal Service forwarding can be a temporary solution, but eventually you’ll need to change your address with service providers, family and friends. It also doesn’t help you much with handling packages or in those cases when you still need a U.S. based address.

A much simpler and more flexible solution is a virtual mail service.

Virtual mailboxes offer all of the advantages of mail forwarding with more flexibility than a PO box, completely remote access 24/7, and additionally many of them provide advanced options such as bill payment, check deposit, secure shredding, premium addresses and more. This can be exceptionally useful for expats with home-based businesses or those that consult and travel often. is the leading virtual mail solution. When you sign up, you get to choose one of 20+ address based in the domestic U.S. With plans starting as low as $49/mo. you can see all your mail online, open and scan contents, deposit checks electronically, send important documents to cloud storage, pay invoices through, and much more.


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