Your Portable Career Needs Authority — Get Yours Here!

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A little over a year ago, Brian Clark and the team at Copyblogger Media started something called Authority. It’s a combination teaching/training/resources/forums site that teaches you, the online business owner, how to develop a successful content-based business. If you’re putting together a portable career, you need (small-a) authority to: Find and win clients Attract an […]

Living Abroad is Mainstream (Now)

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A few years ago, when we told people we were moving to Panama, many assumed we meant Panama City, Florida. This spring,we were in the US for five weeks. Traveling up and down the East Coast was an eventful time, and we bounced from Georgia to Virginia to Massachusetts, Vermont and New York State. Throughout […]

International House Sitting is a Thing?!

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Guest Post by Ashley Mudra Note from Future Expat: You’ve heard my side of the experience, now it’s Ashley’s turn! I’d never heard of it before. Why would anyone trust their home and pets to me, a total stranger? And how would I even find these international trusting people? While researching for my upcoming travels, […]

We Trusted a Housesitter in Las Tablas, Panama: The Rest of the Story

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My husband and I have just returned to Las Tablas after a five-week jaunt in the US. We left our dogs back in Panama with a housesitter. I’ve written previously (this is the third installment) about our quest for the person we could trust with our pets and our home while we were away. What […]

Choosing a Housesitter in Las Tablas, Panama


A few months back, I wrote about our search for someone to stay with our dogs while we traveled back to the US this spring. After uploading our request to the Trusted Housesitters site, I was astonished to see 30 applications slam into my inbox in the same number of hours. It seems like a […]

Options and Choices — Expats have More

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Our goal in moving to Panama was to live within our income following the big financial meltdown in the US. We’ve met that goal easily – and so much more! Life is all about options and choices – that’s true whether you’re an expat or not. But by embracing the options available to us as […]

8 Tools for Organizing Your Portable Career

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When you’re pursuing a portable career as an expat, it’s important to keep your files, notes, schedules, and everything else in a form you can access from wherever you happen to be. If you have a permanent office space, you can fill it with paper files. But if your workspace is less permanent, how do […]

Copywriting as a Portable Career for Expats

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“My question is how much schooling or classes did you invest in or is this a path you self taught?” A reader sent in that question after receiving a recent email about portable careers. (If you don’t receive emails from Future Expats, here’s a copy of what you missed.) She was asking about my training as […]

“Peering” — Another Reason to use a VPN

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I’ve written plenty in the past about why expats need VPNs (virtual private networks). You can find previous articles here and here. Now comes yet another reason. It’s called peering. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with looking over someone’s shoulder. It refers to the way the internet works. Recently Netflix and Comcast reached […]

Las Tablas, Panama: To You, it’s only a Hot Dog. To me, it’s a Sign of Growth

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Today my husband came back from Chitre with a huge smile on his face. He was as excited as a little kid with a new toy as he unloaded the car. The new Riba Smith store has opened in Chitre, and that’s cause for celebration at our house. (Chitre is about a half hour drive […]