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successful portable career as a writerWant to make money blogging? Then you need to listen to a mild-mannered Australian named Darren Rowse.

Darren is one of the most well known, and best loved, sources of professional blogging advice. He’s the founder of ProBlogger, and he’s been giving away top-notch advice on how to blog — and earn a living from it — for years.

Next month, September 13-14, 2013, about 450 bloggers from around the world are getting together in Australia for an annual event that Darren puts together. It’s the Gold Coast 2013 Training Event, and it will help you on your way to a rewarding portable career.

While I would love to attend, flying to Oz for a two-day happening isn’t something I can manage right now. The good news is, Darren’s releasing a limited number of Virtual Tickets.

The Virtual Ticket

For less — much less — than the cost of a plane ticket, you can access 30 hours of training and teaching online, as well as some special bonuses for virtual attendees.

Here’s just a partial list of speakers:

You’ll also get a special session with Jonathan Fields.

And what will they be talking about?

  • Successful techniques to grow your blog’s readership
  • How to make your blog actually profitable
  • Latest blogging trends
  • And more. Much more

Click here to find out more and register for your Virtual Ticket to the ProBlogger Training Event.

If you’ve ever considered blogging as a portable career, you owe it to yourself to check out Darren’s ProBlogger Training Event.

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