What do Internet Research, Social Media and Dancing Girls have in Common?

Let’s move right along with our Gift Guide for Expats, your guide to Christmas for the expats in your life — how to find gifts that won’t take up room in a suitcase or shipping container.

On the Eighth Day of Christmas

Eighth Day of Christmas

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, my expat gave to me. . .
Eight Live Workshops
Seven Expat Movies
Six Travel Skill Sets

Five Writing Resources
Four Exclusive Clubs

Three Premium Blog Themes
Two Blogging Books

And a website for to earn some money

Live workshops and conferences can really ease the expat’s transition to a new country or a new portable career. Here are just a few of the many that we recommend.

Photography and Writing Workshops

#1. The Ultimate Money-Making Photography Workshop

Learn how to take your camera with you when you travel, and earn money while you do it. Turn a hobby into an portable career income stream to support you in your untethered expat life.

You’ll explore exciting Phoenix, AZ with experts and other attendees, learning to take saleable pictures.

This is their only live workshop this year, and if you enroll before December 31 you’ll save $350.

Click here to learn more.

#2. Ecuador Travel Writing (and Spanish Immersion) Experience

“Experience” is the only word that describes this very special program.
Spend seven fun-filled days in Ecuador. You’ll explore, you’ll study Spanish using a powerful immersion method, and you’ll learn to turn adventures like this into profitable writing assignments. Save $300 now with the Early-Bird Discount.

Learn more about the Experience here.

#3. Lose Your Writer’s Block in San Francisco

Experience the beautiful city of San Francisco while learning how to travel the world for free.

It’s a three-day workshop in one of the most unique cities in the US and learn how to turn your future travels into a career that will support you overseas. All the good stuff from the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program (above), live and in person. And if you register before December 31, you’ll save $340.

Learn more about this exciting workshop here.

Expat Conferences

So far I’ve been to two of the conferences put on by Live and Invest Overseas, and found them both informative and helpful. Here’s a list of their upcoming country get-togethers — you can use this link, then click on the particular conference you’re interested in.

#4. Colombia, January 2012
#5. Mexico, February 2012
#6. Europe, April 2012. I know, Europe’s not a country, but this conference will discuss all of Europe and will be held in Dublin, Ireland.
#7. Nicaragua, May, 2012
#8. Belize, June 2012
Bonus. Panama, July 2012

Click here to find out more about the conferences.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas. . .

On the Ninth Day of Christmas

On the Ninth Day of Christmas, my expat gave to me. . .
Nine Freelance Tools
Eight Live Workshops
Seven Expat Movies
Six Travel Skill Sets

Five Writing Resources
Four Exclusive Clubs

Three Premium Blog Themes
Two Blogging Books

And a website for to earn some money

So here we are, on the Ninth day of Christmas already. Here are nine freelance tools — books and programs to help you develop other types of portable careers in areas like social media, video marketing, graphic design and others we don’t talk about nearly often enough.

  1. Social Networking: The 21st Century Way to Find New Clients
  2. How to Create Irresistible Offers
  3. Marketing With Video Online For Profit
  4. Desktop Marketing for Success, Independence and Income
  5. Graphic Design Success
  6. The Versatile Freelancer
  7. Secrets of Becoming an Internet Research Specialist
  8. Become a Social Media Expert
  9. Freelance Website in Four Days’ Express
  10. Just three more days to go. . . stay tuned!

    PS. To answer the question posed in the headline, “what do internet research, social media and dancing girls have in common?” the answer is. . . they’re all featured in the Ninth Day of Christmas of our expat guide to gift giving.

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