Best Places to Find Expat Life Information, Ideas and Tips

Blogs by and about expats are a great place to find information, ideas, tips, and get a general feel for what it might be like to live elsewhere. Here are a dozen interesting expat blogs I’ve found recently.


Expat in Germany provides information about living in Germany (and a little bit about Canada). The author is a Canadian serial expat who’s also lived in Thailand, S. Korea and the US.

Not From Around Here, subtitled “Stranger in a Strange Land” is all about the adventures of a US transplant to the UK.

Emtpy Nest Expat is an American who seized the moment (kids grown, no grandkids yet) to lace up her traveling shoes. She’s lived in the Czech Republic and is currently in Istanbul, Turkey.

Adventures in Expat Land is the blog of an American writer living in the Netherlands, where her husband works with an international organization.

Latin America

Monday or Something is not an expat blog, per se, but an interesting account of what it’s like to live in a place for one month, then move on. So far the author’s published from several locations in Panama, Nicaragua, Belize and Honduras.

The Mexile looks at Mexico and the UK from a British point of view. Back in England now, he lived in Mexico for five years and loved it.

An Expat Life in Nicaragua, an American in San Juan del Sur for the past four years.

Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua, another couple who moved from the US to Nicaragua, in this case a tiny island. They’ve been happy there for seven years.

North America

With more than a dollop of the dry wit and self-deprecation the British are famous for, Culturally Discombobulated looks at the Big Apple. His take on Pop Tarts and hurricanes is hilarious. . .

Expatlogue chronicles the adventures of a British family newly arrived in Ontario, Canada.

Asia / Pacific Rim

Expatria, Baby is a tongue-in-cheek look at living in Japan with a small child. The author is Canadian, her husband is Swiss, and they’ve been in Japan for about four years.

In Search of a Life Less Ordinary follows a Brit married to an Australian who lived in Canada for a while and are now located in Sydney.


  1. Let me add a few more of Latam expats living in Canada and writing in English: Correr es mi destino, Live from Waterloo and, of course, The Zieglers Blog.

  2. Thanks for adding my blog! I’m looking forward to reading all the other new blogs posted, too.

  3. I’m so honored! Thank you for including me on this list.

  4. Thanks so much for including Culturally Discombobulated and the kind words!

  5. This is a really useful resource. I’m going to check out fellow expat’s blogs all this weekend. Thanks for putting it together.

  6. Susanna,

    Great list of blogs. Some I am familiar with, others not. Will look forward to taking some time to look around.

  7. Wow, did this post miss the mark! Perhaps the title should be a bit more honest, more poignant. It should indicate that it’s simply a list of a few seemingly randomly discovered blogs. Perhaps it’d be a good idea to do a post that actually lists the tips and info via social media sites. These are available in many countries.
    As a serial expat who’s lived in China, Hong Kong, India, and Peru, here are a few sites that actually do provide tips and info: This covers Mumbai and Lima. Better sites for all of Peru do not exist, unfortunately; these are valuable, however.) This covers popular sites for major cities in China.

    These are posts I produced on my own blog to help other expats find some assistance in their own journeys.

    Nichole L. Reber

    • Ouch, that was harsh! Is it possible, Nichole, that you missed the point — that following the blogs of expats in the country you’re interested in can provide lots of insight and insider information that you might not otherwise find?

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