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This is pretty interesting. If children are our future, what can we learn from this information about international students? (The primary color shows the ranking of a country based on the number of outbound international students. The inner color of the circle shows the ranking of a country based on the number of inbound international students.)

I don’t have any answers, but it gives lots to think about.

Note that “international students” here refers to those who are actually receiving degrees from institutions outside their home country, not exchange students who spend a semester or year abroad, then go back home and get their degree from a college or university in their home country.

What I find most fascinating is looking at the number of inbound vs. outbound students from any particular country. (Scroll down below the maps to see this.) For example, United Kingdom had fewer than 28,000 students leaving to study in other countries, compared to more than 425,000 incoming students. China, on the other hand, sent out nearly 700,000 and educated fewer than 60,000 incoming students in return.


Courtesy of MoveHub: Where Are World’s International students moving?.

International Student Mobility


  1. I heard that the only place in Canada where its possible to find a job is Alberta. I would like to apply to move to Canada but want to live in places like Toronto or Vancouver but I don’t know if its even possible.

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