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It’s time for another list of helpful web sites, blogs and resources for expats and travelers. Here are 11 for your edification and enjoyment.

Expat Sites

  1. AngloInfo Panama. AngloInfo has been providing English-language information for expats in a variety of locations. The Panama site has just launched. It’s a good all-around resource, very focused on Panama City.
  2. La Vita e Bella, two American expats living la dolce vita in Florence, Italy.
  3. Joburg Expat is the site of Sine, a German serial expat who’s lived on four continents with husband and kids.
  4. Northern Beaches Know-How. If you’re thinking about moving to Sydney, Australia, check out this site. There’s a wealth of good, actionable information here.
  5. Leaving America is an interesting melange of thoughts, ideas and information from a serial expat originally from the US.
  6. Travel

  7. Curious Places is a photo journal showing all sorts of interesting and wacky places around the world.
  8. 175 Days Around the World chronicles the travels of Christian Haugen, from Vietnam to Argentina. Nice photos!
  9. Technosyncratic Travel, the wanderings of two digital nomads, Kali and Christy.
  10. Twenty-Something Travel is the blog of another perpetual traveler, a single woman who hopes to help others launch their international adventures.
  11. Exile Lifestyle is another PT (perpetual traveler) site. Colin Wright moves to a new place every four months, and he crowd-sources the decision about where to go among his readers! He’s a portable careerist who sells t-shirts, books and branding.
  12. Portable Careers

  13. 64 Ways Location Independent People Earn a Living. One of many excellent articles, if you’re considering a portable career you should read this!

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