Bon Appetit! A Real French Restaurant in Las Tablas, Panama [review]

El Paris

Although it’s a small town, Las Tablas boasts an authentic French restaurant. Located in the heart of downtown, only one block from the Park, Restaurante Lounge El Paris occupies a second floor balcony space.

Like most restaurants in this area, it’s open air. Diners enjoy more cooling breezes up on the second floor, and the walls are decorated with Parisian scenes. The owner, Thierry, speaks English and Spanish fluently, and with a charming French accent.

Each time I’ve dined there, there’s been an eclectic music mix playing in the background. Thierry also brings in live music for special events.

He’s open for lunch and dinner every day but Wednesday.

The menu changes periodically. It always includes several main-dish salads, a couple of pasta dishes, and an assortment of chicken and beef entrees. When he’s serving hamburgers they’re very good, and the steak (filete de res) has been flavorful and tender each time I’ve tried it.

There are always crepes, too. Savory crepes for meals — usually at least two to choose from — and one or two for desserts. The dessert menu usually includes chocolate mousse as well as ice cream.

It’s a bit pricier than the average restaurant here, but then the food is above average as well.

If you’re visiting Las Tablas and you want to try a restaurant that doesn’t serve the tipico menu, El Paris is a good choice.

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  1. Look/seems absolutely divine; wish I could partake!

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