Countdown! Uncertainty Rules

Countdown to expat moving dayAs we approach our planned exit date, uncertainty has taken over.

No, not uncertainty about whether we should go, uncertainty about the timing.

Until we have a signed lease agreement for our house, we’re not buying tickets or going anywhere.

Our rental agent had been very sanguine about finding tenants in the allotted time, but showings have been sparse and we’re getting nervous. it’s difficult to forge ahead when you’re not confident . . . tempers have flared, harsh words have been spoken. . . it hasn’t been pretty.

Week of January 9

This week has been a bit of a hodgepodge of activity. Dealing with a lot of paperwork — taxes, bills and such, and a lot of miscellaneous small details. It’s rather boring to write about, actually, so this update will be short.

Packing and Organizing

We sent more boxes of stuff to various family members. Packed up more boxes to move into our “these are the things we’ll store” area in the garage. My husband still hasn’t begun sorting through his papers and books, which is making me very nervous.

Maintaining Our Lives

Spent the week pulling together information for taxes, and I did start our tax return this week. It’s more complicated than what you file if you’re working for someone else and get a W-2 form at the end of the year. Thank goodness for Turbo Tax.

I also realized there were some bills we only pay twice a year (life insurance!) that I hadn’t switched over to electronic payments, so I dealt with that. One of them was easy. I could go online and switch it over on the website, and set it up to draft our account automatically.

The other required me to download, fill out and mail a paper form. In this day and age, why is that necessary? Anyway, it’s done.

Now, back to those pesky tax returns. . .

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