What’s the Weakest Link in YOUR Portable Career?

The internet makes portable careers possible. Whether your portable career involves writing, building websites, photography or something else, you rely on the internet to keep you connected to clients, coworkers and bosses. You also need the internet to update your website or blog, offer items for sale, and myriad other tasks. So what happens when […]

How to Stay Connected Overseas without Breaking the Bank

Recently a reader told me he’d appreciate “any suggestions on how to stay connected.” When it comes to staying in touch with family, friends and business back home, a little planning before you leave can save you lots of money and frustration. All these suggestions will work whether you’re traveling short-term or living long-term. Mobile […]

Portable Computers for Portable Careers

This month seems to be all about portable careers here at Future Expats. No matter what portable career you choose, you’ll need a computer — even if it’s just to handle email and bookkeeping. And when your career is portable, you’ll probably want a computer that’s, well, easily portable. The Netbook After my first visit […]

Use a VPN with your Tablet or Smart Phone

Recently I started using a VPN (virtual private network) on my Android tablet. If you’re using your Android device (phone or tablet) on a public WiFi network, snoopers can glom onto your data so it’s important to protect yourself. Especially if you’re using your tablet to connect to bank accounts, a VPN is a very […]

Staying Safe on the Online Playground

He’s lurking behind the swings with a smile, offering to give you a big push. . . he’s hiding under the slide. . . he’s ready to knock you off the monkey bars. He’s an internet predator and you need to protect your portable career abroad from him. . . A couple of days ago […]

VPN4All: A Virtual Private Network that’s Truly Private

Oh, no, not another review of a VPN (virtual private network) I hear you groan. Well, um, yes. It seems there’s a lot of interest in this topic, and every time I write about it I hear more recommendations. Sometimes a company will contact me and say, “hey, why don’t you take a look at […]

How to Watch Your Favorite US TV Shows from Anywhere in the World

It’s not a VPN (virtual private network), but it lets you watch US TV shows on your computer, TV, tablet, phone or game device. It’s perfect for expats and travelers who want to keep up with favorite shows, sports and other entertainment from “home.” It’s called UnoTelly. After I wrote about VPNs a while back, […]

More Expat Info from the Interwebs

It’s time for another list of helpful web sites, blogs and resources for expats and travelers. Here are 11 for your edification and enjoyment. Expat Sites AngloInfo Panama. AngloInfo has been providing English-language information for expats in a variety of locations. The Panama site has just launched. It’s a good all-around resource, very focused on […]

Traveling with Smart Phones

Recently I was in Panama City for a day, before flying back to the US for a family wedding. In my hotel room, I went through the ritual that’s becoming familiar to all of us internet-connected travelers: I checked into my flight online and then tried to download my boarding pass. I don’t know what […]

Six VPNs for Expats

I won’t rehash all the reasons you need a VPN (virtual private network) — you can see them here. Just think of it as a must-have service if you’re to access all the websites you’re used to, and to continue doing business online with your bank back home. (It helps keep others from spying on […]