How to Jumpstart Your Overseas Move

Want to move abroad but not sure where to start? Has your planning stalled? Don’t know yet where exactly you want to live? Here’s something that promises to get you unstuck and help you find the overseas adventure that’s waiting for you. Next month, Live & Invest Overseas will blow out all the stops and […]

Retire Overseas — It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3

Guest Post by Kathleen Peddicord “I’m ready to make my move, Kathleen,” explained an attendee at our conference in Panama City earlier this month. “I’m ready to go for it. “But I’m so confused. I mean, what do I do first? And then what do I do second? “Could you break it down for me, […]

The Untethered Expat Life

Untether Yourself is the title of the free e-book I recently released. (If you missed its release, you can grab your copy here.) But what does the untethered expat life mean? Is it: the freedom to travel constantly, flitting from place to place and exploring all the world has to offer? the opportunity to live […]

Social Networking for Expats

Social networking is playing an ever-increasing role in our lives. With a computer and an internet connection, an expat can investigate their new overseas location and connect with people already there. There are many ways you can use social networking to ease your overseas move — before, during and after. Besides the obvious sites like […]

Retire to Latin America if You’re Poor, Europe if You’re Not

I don’t generally follow investment websites or blogs, but The Oblivious Investor caught my eye recently. Why? Because author Rick Todd rated some expat retirement destinations based on how much income you have to retire on. His top five picks for retirees with a limited (primarily Social Security) income: Costa Rica Malaysia Uruguay Panama Nicaragua […]

Plant Your Own Flags

The following was written by Kathleen Peddicord in her Overseas Opportunity newsletter. I’m a big fan of Kathleen’s, and am happy to share with you her Top 10 lists, as well as the reasoning behind them. And, in certain cases, why you might be better off doing something completely different. Kathleen writes: I’ve been inundated […]

It’s the #1 Best Seller!

A few months ago I reviewed How to Retire Overseas: Everything You Need to Know to Live Well (for Less) Abroad by Kathleen Peddicord. Kathleen is the publisher of Live and Invest Overseas, which publishes a free daily e-letter as well as a monthly magazine and other resources for expats and would-be expats. Today, Live […]