Win a Free Month in Ecuador! What International Living’s Contest Teaches Us About Portable Careers

International Living has just announced something absolutely brilliant. They are offering an all-expense-paid month in Cuenca, Ecuador for one lucky winner (or couple). I wanted to let you all know about it because, if Ecuador’s a country you’re considering, you may want to enter. Heck, I’m even thinking about it! Whatever your feelings about International […]

Best Quality of Life Cities and Countries in 2011

When you’re considering moving to another country, one of the big things you think about (at least I do) is the quality of life you’ll be leaving and what you’ll find in your new home. As 2011 has drawn to a close, let’s take a quick look back at the year’s top picks in various […]

Twelve Prep the Move Tools

Here’s the last in our 12 Days of Christmas series of gift-giving ideas for expats. Everything recommended in Days 1-12 will help you or someone near and dear to you plan and execute their overseas move. Now on the final day, we’re focusing on books and products that will help you prepare for this momentous […]

What Prevents Expats From Working Overseas?

Guest post by Louise Wiles Accompanying partners – do they or circumstance influence their career choices? Recently I was talking about the services that I offer to accompanying partners through Success Abroad Coaching with some friends ‘back home’. I was explaining that finding fulfilling and meaningful work whilst abroad can be quite a challenge for […]

Enjoy a Movable Retirement in Asia

It’s affordable, safe, exciting, exotic, and has terrific health care. Last week I shared with you the top 20 picks for overseas retirement on a budget, according to Live and Invest Overseas. Six of the countries are located in southeast Asia, which is the cheapest region of the world right now. These countries are: China […]

Your Top 20 Country Choices for Overseas Retirement

And the winners are. . . drumroll please. . . Yesterday evening the Live and invest Overseas Conference ended after a densely scheduled three-day smorgasbord of information for expats and plan-to-be expats. (I’ve decided that’s a better phrase than “wannabe.”) Last month I speculated about the 20 countries they’d recommend, and I’m happy to report […]

Shock Announcement About the Easiest Place to Retire

While you’re reading this, I’ll be at the Live and Invest Overseas Conference in Orlando, FL. It’s an intensive, three-day get together where we’ll talk about the 20 best countries to retire to, along with sessions on the practical issues of relocating to and living in a new country. I’ve been invited to speak about […]

The Biggest Piece of the Expat Puzzle

The largest piece of the expat puzzle is usually cost of living. How will your expenses compare in your new location to what they are now? Of course, everyone’s different. John might not be able to live without imported caviar while Sally eats what the local people do, for example. But you have to start […]

Top 10 Spots to Retire Overseas in 2011

Every year International Living publishes its list of the top ten retirement havens. They’ve just sent out their September issue, and it includes their take on the best spots in the world to retire. I’ve been known to take issue with their findings in the past (for example, in their 2011 Quality of Life list). […]

36 Best Cities for Quality of Life or Business

As future expats trying to decide where to live, we have to balance all sorts of important issues: quality of life, health care, affordability, weather and climate seem to top everyone’s lists. The Economist recently ranked cities worldwide for Quality of Life. Vancouver, BC, Canada Melbourne, Australia Vienna, Austria Toronto, Canada Calgary, Alberta, Canada Helsinki, […]