Choosing a Housesitter in Las Tablas, Panama

A few months back, I wrote about our search for someone to stay with our dogs while we traveled back to the US this spring. After uploading our request to the Trusted Housesitters site, I was astonished to see 30 applications slam into my inbox in the same number of hours. It seems like a […]

Countries with the Best Quality of Life in 2014 for Expat Retirees

Last week I wrote about the best places for expat quality of life in general. Today we’re looking at the places that are best for retirees. By “retiree” I don’t mean you have to be over 65 and not working. I just mean you’re not employed full-time by a multinational company. You could be in […]

Countries with the Highest Quality of Life in 2014

Where in this big, glorious world can you find the countries with the highest quality of life? There’s no single answer to that question. Mark Twain famously said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Keep that in mind when you’re reviewing “best of” and “worst of” rankings. Several organizations produce […]

Expat Blogs to Enjoy

From time to time I share with you some of the blogs and websites I’ve found that are worth a look. It’s been quite a while, so let’s jump right in. Europe Enjoy Living Abroad – author Karen McCann has lived in Seville, Spain for about 10 years. She and her husband now divide their […]

Readers Ask: How do you find a Rental Home in Las Tablas, Panama?

One of the questions I’m seeing most often these days has to do with finding a place to live in Panama — specifically in Las Tablas. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting several couples recently who are thinking of moving to Las Tablas, but finding a place to live here seems like a daunting task. […]

Teach English in Japan with the JET Program: Walking through the Application Process

Guest post by Catherine Perkins As an expat, teaching English abroad is a terrific portable career. If you’re a college graduate and interested in Japan, check out the JET program. New participants for the 2013 JET Program have recently arrived in Tokyo for their orientation, which means that applications for 2014 are being released soon! […]

Travels from Bhutan: Repatriation and Reflections

Guest post by Catherine Perkins. If you spend enough time in a foreign country, things stop feeling “foreign” and start feeling normal; sometimes you don’t realize just how normal until you return home. In my case, I expressed my reverse culture shock by stormily watching Americans perform tasks, and then saying, “That’s nice, but the […]

Travels in Bhutan: Living in a Buddhist Country

Guest post by Catherine Perkins You know from my earlier post that I spent almost five months living, studying, traveling, and working in the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan, a small country in the Himalayas tucked between China and India. It’s one of the few countries that still identifies as a “Buddhist Kingdom.” Even though the […]

Easiest Residency in Southeast Asia

Guest Post by Wendy Justice Among its Southeast Asia neighbors, the Philippines stands out as the easiest option for residency. Here are four ways you can qualify. Although the Philippines isn’t the only country in Southeast Asia that offers retirement visas, it may offer the best. Let’s look at what countries in the region have […]

Travels in Bhutan: The Last Shangri-La

Guest post by Catherine Perkins I left the United States for a study abroad program in Bhutan in February and didn’t return home until July, with my head full of almost five months of experiences in a different country. When I reunite with friends here, their first question is, “How was Bhutan?” and I say […]