What are the Best Countries to Retire in 2017?

“What are the best countries to retire in 2017?” is a question I often see. The short answer is, “it depends.” Are you moving abroad to work at a job, or to retire (or something in between)? The best place for a retiree might be lousy if you need to work, or if, like me, […]

Our Top 6 Picks For Sunny Post-Election Living

by Kathleen Peddicord Searches for “How can I move to Canada?” spiked during the just-finished U.S. presidential election cycle. Since the Vietnam War, Canada has been seen as a beacon of refuge among Americans. However, life in Canada comes with a significant drawback: Canadian winters look like blizzard scenes on Star Wars’ ice planet Hoth. […]

10 Things I (Already) Miss About Las Tablas and Panama

Last week my husband and I flew out of Panama’s Tocumen International Airport for the last time. Well, maybe not the last time forever, but for at least a couple of years. If you’re not on my mailing list, Facebook page or Google Plus page, you might have missed the announcement. Long story short, my […]

We Trusted a Housesitter in Las Tablas, Panama: The Rest of the Story

My husband and I have just returned to Las Tablas after a five-week jaunt in the US. We left our dogs back in Panama with a housesitter. I’ve written previously (this is the third installment) about our quest for the person we could trust with our pets and our home while we were away. What […]

Choosing a Housesitter in Las Tablas, Panama

A few months back, I wrote about our search for someone to stay with our dogs while we traveled back to the US this spring. After uploading our request to the Trusted Housesitters site, I was astonished to see 30 applications slam into my inbox in the same number of hours. It seems like a […]

Countries with the Best Quality of Life in 2014 for Expat Retirees

Last week I wrote about the best places for expat quality of life in general. Today we’re looking at the places that are best for retirees. By “retiree” I don’t mean you have to be over 65 and not working. I just mean you’re not employed full-time by a multinational company. You could be in […]

Expat Blogs to Enjoy

From time to time I share with you some of the blogs and websites I’ve found that are worth a look. It’s been quite a while, so let’s jump right in. Europe Enjoy Living Abroad – author Karen McCann has lived in Seville, Spain for about 10 years. She and her husband now divide their […]

Readers Ask: How do you find a Rental Home in Las Tablas, Panama?

One of the questions I’m seeing most often these days has to do with finding a place to live in Panama — specifically in Las Tablas. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting several couples recently who are thinking of moving to Las Tablas, but finding a place to live here seems like a daunting task. […]

Expat Mailbox – Shipping and Mailing in Panama

Last week marked the first anniversary of my arrival in Panama to start my life as an expat. Just out of curiosity I sent out an eletter asking readers to send in questions about their biggest concern in moving overseas. (If you’re not on my mailing list but would like to be, you can sign […]

Win a Free Month in Granada, Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua. It’s a charming Colonial city on the shores of beautiful Lake Nicaragua. Home to the iconic yellow cathedral, it’s a place expats like to call home. And you have a chance to spend a month there. Free. In fact, International Living is so eager to have you test drive Granada that they’ll give […]