Which Countries Have the Best Health Care?

In the Expat Web group on LinkedIn, a member asked recently, “As an Expat, which countries do you think have the best and worst health care systems?” Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Malta and France all received positive comments. One poster said Japan’s was “the worst I ever experienced.” The US was mentioned favorably, but “only […]

End-of-Year Lists

International Living’s annual Quality of Life Index. Every year, IL produces a Quality of Life index, which usually differs quite a bit from their recommendations on best places to retire. France has topped the list for several years running. France (was #1 last year as well) Australia (moved up from #5 in 2009) Switzerland (down […]

Bahrain: World’s Friendliest Country?

According to Forbes.com, Bahrain scored the top spot in HSBC’s recent survey of 3,100 expats. They admit this might be a fluke — only 31 responses came in from Bahrain, compared to 450 from the UK, for example. But it’s an interesting list, nonetheless. Canada moved down from its No. 1 spot last year to […]

A Town Like Alice: Expat Book Review

A Town Like Alice by Nevil Shute is multi-layered expat novel, which was made into a TV mini-series in 1981. It has been one of my favorites for a long time, not only because of the expat themes, but because it also features a strong female protagonist who overcomes some truly daunting obstacles. Author Nevil […]

Happy Labor Day! Here Are a Few Expat Blogs to Enjoy

I thought I’d post a list of some well known and not-so-well known personal expat blogs to enjoy over the long Labor Day (in the US anyway) weekend.

Doing Business Abroad

If your overseas move will include doing business, the World Bank has just published a list that might help you narrow your search. According to their annual Doing Business report, the countries most favorable to starting a small- to medium-sized business are: Singapore New Zealand United States Hong Kong Denmark United Kingdom Ireland Canada Australia […]

World’s Best 20 Cities

Forbes Magazine has published a list of the top 20 cities in the world to live in. Europe took the most honors, with three of little Switzerland’s cities (Zurich, Geneva and Bern) in the Top 20 and Vienna, Austria at the top of the list. There were two from Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) and two […]

What Kind of Expat Are You?

What kinds of people leave hearth and home for life in another country?

Here are a few categories I’ve come up with. I’m sure that many expats fit into more than one. I know I do! Let me know if you have a category I’ve missed.