Best Countries for Quality of Life in 2011

An organization called Nation Ranking recently released its 2011 Quality of Life Index. One hundred thirty-seven countries were ranked according to: “a nation’s livability for its average inhabitant. It is a composite of six sub-indexes, each describing one of the elements which objectively influence the quality of life: health, education, wealth, democracy, peace and environment.” […]

From Africa to Central America: 12 Expat Blogs Worth Watching

It’s been a while since I shared some of the expat-related blogs and websites I’ve been reading. Time for another roundup of interesting blogs by and about expats! Here are an even dozen for your enjoyment. Africa Africa Expat Wives, a UK citizen moves to Africa two days after her marriage, and raises a family […]

Cheap Cities for Expats — But Would You Really Want to Live There?

Last week we published the top cities in the world for high cost of expat living. Now it’s time to flip it around and show you the lowest-cost cities. I explained the methodology here. While most of the high cost-of-living cities are in the Pacific Rim and Europe, most of the lowest cost cities are […]

Social Networking for Expats

Social networking is playing an ever-increasing role in our lives. With a computer and an internet connection, an expat can investigate their new overseas location and connect with people already there. There are many ways you can use social networking to ease your overseas move — before, during and after. Besides the obvious sites like […]

10 Best Expat Destinations

A few days ago, I posted the results of International Living’s 2010 Annual Retirement Index. Topping this prestigious list are Ecuador Panama Mexico France Italy Today I’m looking at a very different list: this one includes the 10 Most Suitable Countries for American Expatriates. According to the website, they considered these important criteria: How […]

9 Expat Blogs to Follow

It’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of list, so I thought I’d give you a look today at some of the expat blogs I follow, and that you might find helpful, too. [ad#Google Adsense Double] Empty Nest Expat. Currently living in Prague, the blogger describes herself as “an American expatriate bursting with […]

Bahrain: World’s Friendliest Country?

According to, Bahrain scored the top spot in HSBC’s recent survey of 3,100 expats. They admit this might be a fluke — only 31 responses came in from Bahrain, compared to 450 from the UK, for example. But it’s an interesting list, nonetheless. Canada moved down from its No. 1 spot last year to […]

Expat Survey

HSBC has just released the first segment of its 2009 Expat Explorer Survey, Expat Economics. Over 3100 expats working in 26 countries were questioned about their financial circumstances. The survey respondents were all expats who were employed full time in their expat country. Some of the findings were no surprise, but others are worth noting.