Results of Health Care Coverage Poll

Recently I asked the question: Health Care Abroad: are we writing Just the right amount Too much Not enough [ad#Google Adsense Double] The results are in — and I wish more of you had responded. A whopping eighty-three percent of respondents clicked “just the right amount.” Thanks, guys! Seventeen percent said there’s not enough health […]

What Would You Like to Read About?

Periodically, I’m going to insert a brief poll to get some feedback from you, readers, about whether you’re finding what you want and need here. Today, since we’ve just been discussing health care, I’m asking for some input on how well we’re doing in that department. I’d really appreciate it if you’d take a quick […]

Enough to Make Anyone Sick

I’m a big fan of Kathleen Peddicord’s website, Live and Invest Overseas. I get her Overseas Opportunity Letter, and look forward to it hitting my inbox every day. I even subscribe to her Overseas Retirement Letter. Most of the time, I think she and her writers are completely on target. Once in a while, not […]

Americans, I Have Some Bad News for You

On June 10, EFAM published an article titled America — the Grim Truth. And grim it was indeed! “Americans, I have some bad news for you,” the article starts. “You have the worst quality of life in the developed world – by a wide margin. “If you had any idea of how people really lived […]

OK, I Told My Mom

A few days ago I had a long phone call with my mother, and told her about our plans to move overseas. She handled it better than I expected, and I give her a lot of credit. (She expressed far more unhappiness years ago when we told her we were moving from upstate New York, […]

It’s Official: US Health Care IS Driving Americans to Move Abroad

Last October I asked the question, “Is US health care driving Americans to move abroad?” You can read the original post here. I followed up the question and post with a poll. When the poll closed, 19% of respondents listed health care as the “most important” reason for their move and a whopping 69% rated […]

The Sin of the Blogger

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve committed the unforgiveable blogging sin: I haven’t kept up with my posting schedule. Normally I put up a new article every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But the past couple of weeks, I’ve only done two, and not on schedule. My bad. I’ve gotten distracted by another project. Shame on me. […]

US Healthcare Reform Brings Jobs to India

Last month, the US Congress passed health care reform legislations and the President signed it. While it doesn’t appear it will make much of a difference to US citizens living overseas, Global Post reports that outsourcing of jobs to India will increase because of it. The headline on the April 17 article read: “For India, […]

9 Expat Blogs to Follow

It’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of list, so I thought I’d give you a look today at some of the expat blogs I follow, and that you might find helpful, too. [ad#Google Adsense Double] Empty Nest Expat. Currently living in Prague, the blogger describes herself as “an American expatriate bursting with […]

Yucatan, Mexico Prepared to Give US Retirees What They Want

Writing for International Living today, Dan Prescher described a meeting he recently attended with “government officials, local entrepreneurs and international consultants” in Merida, Mexico a few days ago. I thought this was interesting enough that I postponed the post I was planning for today to bring you Dan’s report: [ad#Google Adsense-1] “Mexico’s Yucatan state is […]