Best Roadmap for Moving Overseas

Save 50% off the Regular Price! I’ve found it! A real roadmap to guide your overseas move. Kathleen Peddicord has used her almost 30 years of writing about the expat life, and 16 years of living as an expat in four different countries to create just such a guide. She promises that, within 52 days […]

On the Ground in Panama

On Tuesday I flew from Orlando to Panama. The plan is that I will locate a short-term furnished rental, then my husband and the dogs will join me. It’s a little complicated because in April we fly back to Florida for our son’s wedding. If I find a rental quickly, we’re fine. If it takes […]

The Biggest Secret to Successful Expatriation

When you decide to become an expatriate, to live in another country, you’re choosing to exercise options most of your family and friends don’t even know exist. So what happens when the expat move is the only option you see that makes sense? That’s how I’ve felt for a long time. Yes, I wanted to […]

Countdown! When is Moving Out Not Really Moving Out?

Little did I realize, when I told you last week we had vacated the Florida house, that the vacating process would take this long. . . We moved out, with our suitcases, dogs and laptops, one week ago. The estate sale happened on February 18. Somehow, I had visions of walking back in after the […]

Countdown! On the Move to Panama

Well, it’s official. We’ve vacated our house in Florida. Even as I type this, the estate sales company is in there pulling everything out of cupboards and drawers, tagging it and getting ready to sell it all off on Saturday. And, frighteningly, even though we feel as though we’re selling off everything we own, we […]

Countdown: All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

Tomorrow is February 1, the day we had planned to move to Panama. But we’re not going. Why? Still no tenants for our Florida house. Everything else is poised and ready. Once we get the go-ahead — in the form of a signed lease agreement — we’re ready to whip into our last-minute action. Until […]

Holding On and Letting Go

My parents both had hoarding tendencies. Oh, I don’t mean their house was like some of those horrible places you see on TV shows — you didn’t have to weave your way through towering piles of old newspapers or anything like that. But they held onto stuff. After my mother died last summer, we found […]

Countdown! Uncertainty Rules

As we approach our planned exit date, uncertainty has taken over. No, not uncertainty about whether we should go, uncertainty about the timing. Until we have a signed lease agreement for our house, we’re not buying tickets or going anywhere. Our rental agent had been very sanguine about finding tenants in the allotted time, but […]

Countdown! Less than 30 Days to Panama

Wow, the time is really flying by as we get closer to our move to Panama. It seems just last week When I started this weekly recount of all the preparation steps we’d taken toward our upcoming Panama move. But actually, it was two months ago! Now we’re within 30 days of our projected move […]

Countdown: Why Did I Ever Think Moving Right After Christmas was a Good Idea?

Last week we skipped the Countdown post because we were doing the 12 Days of Christmas guide to expat gift-giving, so we’ll combine weeks 6 & 7 this week. In this installment we’ll review the steps we took over the last two weeks toward getting ourselves moved from Orlando to Panama. At this point, I’m […]