Pinfluence: Marketing Your Business with Pinterest

If you’ve established a portable career as a writer, photographer, blogger or life coach, your marketing centers (or should center!) around a website that you own. Your website displays your skills, tells prospective clients or customers something about you, and gives them a way to get in touch with you. Unfortunately, the days of “build […]

Get Paid to Travel the World

One of the most exciting aspects of my recent move to Panama is knowing that I can be paid for every trip to the beach, every exploration of a new town or museum. How? By writing travel articles about what I discover. If the prospect of getting paid to experience the best the world has […]

Choosing a Niche for Your Portable Career

Which way will lead to a more profitable portable career? Offering to do “everything” in your industry, or offering a service or product that’s very specific? If you’re a writer, will you write everything for everyone? Well, maybe you could, but how would you market your services? How do you stand out from the crowd? […]

What do Internet Research, Social Media and Dancing Girls have in Common?

Let’s move right along with our Gift Guide for Expats, your guide to Christmas for the expats in your life — how to find gifts that won’t take up room in a suitcase or shipping container. On the Eighth Day of Christmas On the Eighth Day of Christmas, my expat gave to me. . . […]

Expat Skill Sets, Movies and Ho, Ho, Ho

Christmas gift buying for expats — it’s a minefield. That’s why we’re offering our 12 Days of Christmas guide to presents that will help the expats you know with their untethered lives and portable careers, and won’t take up room in a suitcase or container. Almost halfway through. . . here we are on Day […]

On the Fourth Day of Christmas

Let’s move right along with our gift list for the untethered expat blogger. On the Fourth Day of Christmas, my expat gave to me. . . Four Exclusive Clubs Three Premium Blog Themes Two Blogging Books And a website for to earn some money #1. Blog Masters Club Blog Masters Club is a highly structured, […]

Black Friday Shopping List for Untethered Expats

If you’re about to move abroad, you certainly don’t want to collect more doodads, tchotchkes, knicknacks and other stuff you’ll have to store or move. So what do you give a soon-to-be expat for Christmas? I thought we could join the rest of America in some Black Friday shopping, but for things that will help […]

Interview with a Travel Writer

Imagine being paid to travel and experience the best the world has to offer. As a travel writer, that’s exactly what you do. It’s a top portable career pick for many expats, because when you’re writing about the world it doesn’t matter where you call home. Lucy Culpepper has been a travel writer for over […]

He Writes about Everything, Everywhere — and So Can You!

Recently I promised to find out more about how travel writers balance their lives between work and travel. To that end, I spoke with Gary Arndt. Gary is a travel blogger, which is a slightly different — but equally portable — career. Gary explained the difference between being a travel writer and a travel blogger: […]

So You Want to be a Travel Writer or Photographer?

Somehow travel writing, photography and the untethered expat life just seem to naturally flow together. What career tools are more portable, after all, than a laptop and a camera? If you can write or photograph, you have the means to support your overseas life. If you can do both, you can carve out a big […]