Portable Careers, Black Friday Sales and Personal Values

A portable career is more than work, it’s a lifestyle you create for yourself that earns you money and supports your values. I’d like to talk with you for a minute about the values part of that equation and a decision I’ve just made. After the financial meltdown in the US I returned to freelancing, […]

Want to Make Money Blogging? Learn to Succeed Here. . .

Want to make money blogging? Then you need to listen to a mild-mannered Australian named Darren Rowse. Darren is one of the most well known, and best loved, sources of professional blogging advice. He’s the founder of ProBlogger, and he’s been giving away top-notch advice on how to blog — and earn a living from […]

Teach English in Japan with the JET Program: Walking through the Application Process

Guest post by Catherine Perkins As an expat, teaching English abroad is a terrific portable career. If you’re a college graduate and interested in Japan, check out the JET program. New participants for the 2013 JET Program have recently arrived in Tokyo for their orientation, which means that applications for 2014 are being released soon! […]

What’s the Weakest Link in YOUR Portable Career?

The internet makes portable careers possible. Whether your portable career involves writing, building websites, photography or something else, you rely on the internet to keep you connected to clients, coworkers and bosses. You also need the internet to update your website or blog, offer items for sale, and myriad other tasks. So what happens when […]

Getting Ready to Teach English in Prague

Guest Post by Sean Lords Gearing up for a year of teaching abroad can be both a stressful and exciting time in your life. On one hand, you are preparing for what will probably be one of the most memorable times of your life, but on the other, you are getting ready to leave everything […]

The Fluffernutter and Banana Sandwich of Portable Careers

I remember loving fluffernutter and banana sandwiches as a kid. A thick layer of creamy peanut butter, another thick layer of marshmallow cream, topped with sliced banana circles. They were like an ice cream sundae in a sandwich as far as I was concerned. Heaven! Now there’s a easy way to meld writing, photography and […]

How to Build a WordPress Website for your Portable Career

Chances are, no matter what portable career you create, you’ll need a professional website. Fortunately these days, a professional website can be a lot more affordable than you think, in terms of both money and time. WordPress is the platform of choice for millions of websites worldwide, including this one. It’s a program that lets […]

Portable Computers for Portable Careers

This month seems to be all about portable careers here at Future Expats. No matter what portable career you choose, you’ll need a computer — even if it’s just to handle email and bookkeeping. And when your career is portable, you’ll probably want a computer that’s, well, easily portable. The Netbook After my first visit […]

Jump-Start Your Portable Career as a Travel Blogger

Would you like to travel and get paid for it? How about traveling and getting paid for it without a boss, an editor, or selling? Are you already sharing anecdotes and snapshots about the places you go on Facebook, Twitter or other social media? If you answered yes to those questions, you might be a […]

Working in the US as an Expat

Guest Post by Anne-Marie Watson Bitterly disappointed. That’s how I felt when I realized I wouldn’t be able to find a job as an expat in the US. Together with our kids, I relocated for my husband’s work to the USA, over two years ago. As I had my children late in life, I had […]