52 Links to Help You Build Your WordPress Website

Is a portable career part of your plan for an untethered expat life? If it includes a WordPress blog or website, here are 52 links to help you get started. I’ve tried to arrange them in roughly the order you’ll need them.

Rainmaker Platform: Manage your Portable Career Easier and Faster

Living or traveling abroad, you want to spend less time on your portable career and have more time free for the living and travel part. At least, I do. That portable career probably includes a website (and if it doesn’t, it should). I’m a big believer in building websites with WordPress. It’s an easy-to-use CMS […]

How to Build a WordPress Website for your Portable Career

Chances are, no matter what portable career you create, you’ll need a professional website. Fortunately these days, a professional website can be a lot more affordable than you think, in terms of both money and time. WordPress is the platform of choice for millions of websites worldwide, including this one. It’s a program that lets […]

Introducing WordPress Building Blocks

It’s a New Year, the time when many of us make big plans for the months to come. If a portable career in 2013 is part of your plan for financing your overseas move, you’ll probably need a website. The best and easiest website builder around is WordPress. To help with that I’ve written a […]

Three Major Accomplishments for Future Expats

This is not the kind of article I normally publish, but bear with me. This has been a banner week here at Future Expats Forum. I actually have three accomplishments to share: We’re now featured on a large online Travel Channel Future Expat is a regular featured columnist for a major resource site for expats […]

The Next Big Thing

A couple of months ago I reviewed Dancing in the Fountain, a wonderful book about expat Karen McCann’s experiences living in Spain. Since then, Karen and I have exchanged some emails. Last week, she hit my inbox with an invitation to participate in The Next Big Thing. It’s a way for authors and bloggers to […]

How to Build an Effective Email List for Your Blog

Email still provides the best bang for the buck when it comes to getting your message in front of people who are interested. How do you start building an email list?

Blogging for Expats: You’ve Only Got a Few Months to Get This Right

If you’re serious about building a business or portable career around a blog, you only have a few months to get one particular technical aspect under control. I’m talking about mobile. Fewer people today are accessing the internet from a PC than from a mobile device. Most of us use laptops, netbooks, tablets and even […]

Five Social Media Platforms Every Expat Blogger Should Use

You’ve set up your blog, you’ve found a terrific theme, you’re producing content. . . now what? How do you attract the right target audience? Create a social media strategy. Which specific social media platforms you use will depend on your niche and your audience. Basic rule of thumb? You need to hang out where […]

How to Know What Premium WordPress Theme is Right for your Site

This is the 11th in our Blogging for Expats tutorial series. So you’ve got an idea for your blog, you’ve worked your way through the basics of setting it up, maybe you’ve even posted a few articles. But your site still doesn’t look as professional as you’d like. What to do. . . what to […]