Introducing WordPress Building Blocks

It’s a New Year, the time when many of us make big plans for the months to come. If a portable career in 2013 is part of your plan for financing your overseas move, you’ll probably need a website. The best and easiest website builder around is WordPress. To help with that I’ve written a […]

Three Major Accomplishments for Future Expats

This is not the kind of article I normally publish, but bear with me. This has been a banner week here at Future Expats Forum. I actually have three accomplishments to share: We’re now featured on a large online Travel Channel Future Expat is a regular featured columnist for a major resource site for expats […]

The Next Big Thing

A couple of months ago I reviewed Dancing in the Fountain, a wonderful book about expat Karen McCann’s experiences living in Spain. Since then, Karen and I have exchanged some emails. Last week, she hit my inbox with an invitation to participate in The Next Big Thing. It’s a way for authors and bloggers to […]

Need Portable Income? Create a Money-Making Website

If you have a particular area of interest or expertise, you can develop an income by creating a website or blog around that topic. Then, when you move overseas you can make that income portable — as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. There are lots of different versions of these […]

Why Your Expat Website Needs an Editorial Calendar

If you’re creating a portable career to help support your overseas living, you probably have a website as well. Maybe you’re a life coach, a freelance writer or a photographer, and your website is a big part of your marketing strategy. Perhaps you’re a blogger, and your website is the foundation on which your business […]

52 Links to Help You Build Your WordPress Website

Is a portable career part of your plan for an untethered expat life? If it includes a WordPress blog or website, here are 52 links to help you get started. I’ve tried to arrange them in roughly the order you’ll need them. (And yes, some of them are affiliate links.) Domain Name Registration and Hosting […]

Pinfluence: Marketing Your Business with Pinterest

If you’ve established a portable career as a writer, photographer, blogger or life coach, your marketing centers (or should center!) around a website that you own. Your website displays your skills, tells prospective clients or customers something about you, and gives them a way to get in touch with you. Unfortunately, the days of “build […]

Blogging for Expats: List-Building Basics

Once you’ve created a portable career to support you overseas, you need to start marketing. The best place to do it is online, with a website or blog. When you market online, there are essentially two ways to get your message out. Attract huge amounts of traffic using any/every available means — ads, PPC, social […]

Blogging for Expats: You’ve Only Got a Few Months to Get This Right

If you’re serious about building a business or portable career around a blog, you only have a few months to get one particular technical aspect under control. I’m talking about mobile. Fewer people today are accessing the internet from a PC than from a mobile device. Most of us use laptops, netbooks, tablets and even […]

Choosing a Niche for Your Portable Career

Which way will lead to a more profitable portable career? Offering to do “everything” in your industry, or offering a service or product that’s very specific? If you’re a writer, will you write everything for everyone? Well, maybe you could, but how would you market your services? How do you stand out from the crowd? […]