How to be a Happiness Hero Overseas!

Before 2009, I had never heard of a portable career, laptop lifestyle, digital nomad or location-independent lifestyle. If I ever considered work and not being tied to a place in the same thought, it was to dream about someday writing a book. After all, that’s something you can do no matter where you live. Then […]

How do your Online Business Costs Compare?

For many of us, portable careers are the key to living comfortably overseas. While many expats rely on teaching English, or blogging about their travel or expat lifestyle and related subjects to generate their overseas income, more and more expats are running an actual business, or working virtually for an actual business. Back in 2009, […]

Rainmaker Platform: Manage your Portable Career Easier and Faster

Living or traveling abroad, you want to spend less time on your portable career and have more time free for the living and travel part. At least, I do. That portable career probably includes a website (and if it doesn’t, it should). I’m a big believer in building websites with WordPress. It’s an easy-to-use CMS […]

Your Portable Career Needs Authority — Get Yours Here!

A couple years ago, Brian Clark and the team at Copyblogger Media started something called Authority. It’s a combination teaching/training/resources/forums site that teaches you, the online business owner, how to develop a successful content-based business. If you’re putting together a portable career, you need (small-a) authority to: Find and win clients Attract an audience to […]

8 Tools for Organizing Your Portable Career

When you’re pursuing a portable career as an expat, it’s important to keep your files, notes, schedules, and everything else in a form you can access from wherever you happen to be. If you have a permanent office space, you can fill it with paper files. But if your workspace is less permanent, how do […]

Copywriting as a Portable Career for Expats

“My question is how much schooling or classes did you invest in or is this a path you self taught?” A reader sent in that question after receiving a recent email about portable careers. (If you don’t receive emails from Future Expats, here’s a copy of what you missed.) She was asking about my training as […]

Join this Elite Club. . .

Have you discovered this “secret corner” of the writer’s world? Forget the myth of “the struggling writer” always in search of the next paycheck. Few writers know it, but there’s a secret little “corner” of the writer’s world, where writers are in high demand … can earn six figure incomes … and are free to […]

Turn Your Writing Passion into a Passive Revenue Stream

The internet is ideal for creating passive income. A website never sleeps. Writing your own money-making website is the best way to add $500-$5,000 to your monthly income. Learn more: How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites

Survey Says. . .

A couple weeks ago I posted a three-question survey, asking whether you want to see more, less, or about the same amount of information about each topic. The results are in — the majority of you want to see more articles and information about Panama! Here’s the breakdown. #1. Panama — news and information about […]

Create a Passive, Portable Income with a Money-Making Website

Not all expats are retirees, nor do we all have great jobs with multinational companies. Many of us are self-employed, choosing to create portable careers we can carry with us, turtle-like, wherever we go. There is one type of income all of us can develop — retirees as well as employees and self-employed expats. I’m […]