What Do Future Expats Want?

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to give me some input about topics you’d like to see more discussion of here. As promised, I let the poll run for a couple of weeks and now it’s time for the results. The choices were: Health Care Language Learning Personal Stories Portable Careers Reviews of […]

Are You Meeting Your Expat Goals?

Future Expats, what can I do to help you move closer to your expat goals during the coming year? Please choose up to three topics below to let me know what you’d find most helpful. [polldaddy poll=”5100257″] I’ll let this poll run for a couple of weeks, then share the responses with you. You can […]

Expats: Ready, Set, Go!

Last week I asked you to help me out. I’ve been wanting to narrow the focus here at Future Expats Forum, but before I make any big changes I wanted your input. A bunch of you have responded, and here’s how the categories are breaking down to this point: Preparing to Expatriate: 27% Earning an […]

What’s Important to You?

Since starting Future Expats Forum in March of last year, I’ve written on a pretty wide variety of topics. Health care, earning a living, garage sales, expat-themed books and movies. . . and the list goes on. I’d really like to narrow my focus a bit, and I have some ideas about what I’d like […]

Results of Health Care Coverage Poll

Recently I asked the question: Health Care Abroad: are we writing Just the right amount Too much Not enough [ad#Google Adsense Double] The results are in — and I wish more of you had responded. A whopping eighty-three percent of respondents clicked “just the right amount.” Thanks, guys! Seventeen percent said there’s not enough health […]

What Would You Like to Read About?

Periodically, I’m going to insert a brief poll to get some feedback from you, readers, about whether you’re finding what you want and need here. Today, since we’ve just been discussing health care, I’m asking for some input on how well we’re doing in that department. I’d really appreciate it if you’d take a quick […]

Post-It When?

Generally I post new material here three times each week. Since January, I’ve uploaded the new posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the evening (Eastern Standard Time for me). I thought I’d ask all of you if that posting schedule is convenient for you, or if something else would make it easier for you […]

Health Care Poll Results

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a poll asking the question “how important is health care in your decision to move abroad?” Fully 75% of all respondents indicated health care was very important in their decision. Nobody selected not a consideration as a response. The other choices were evenly split, with 8% going to […]

New Poll: How Important Is Health Care?

How Important is Health Care in your decision to move abroad?(online surveys)

Our First Poll Results

We recently ran a four-part poll to find out a little about readers’ plans for moving overseas. We asked four simple questions: