Rainmaker Platform: Manage your Portable Career Easier and Faster

Living or traveling abroad, you want to spend less time on your portable career and have more time free for the living and travel part. At least, I do. That portable career probably includes a website (and if it doesn’t, it should). I’m a big believer in building websites with WordPress. It’s an easy-to-use CMS […]

Your Portable Career Needs Authority — Get Yours Here!

A couple years ago, Brian Clark and the team at Copyblogger Media started something called Authority. It’s a combination teaching/training/resources/forums site that teaches you, the online business owner, how to develop a successful content-based business. If you’re putting together a portable career, you need (small-a) authority to: Find and win clients Attract an audience to […]

Your Portable Career — Beware the Unintended Consequences

Portable careers are a blessing. You can work from anywhere in the world you happen to be (usually as long as you have an internet connection). But when you move, you may find yourself dealing with some unintended consequences. As you know, I’ve just made the transition from Central Florida to Las Tablas, Panama. I’m […]

Making Money from your Blog

Blogging is a workable portable career for expats, requiring only some expertise, a computer and an internet connection. It can be an excellent way to fund your untethered life overseas. Before you get into the technical issues of setting up your blog, though, you need to have some sort of a plan. Because, if you’re […]

My Budget’s Really Tight — How Can I Explore a New Country?

It’s time for another peek in the expat mailbox. I recently received an email from Matt. Matt’s a medical professional who’s starting to research a move to one of the Central or South American countries. He’s not sure how transferable his professional credentials are and asks: “Thank you once again. I really want to get […]

A Digital Family Room for Expats

Many expats create businesses overseas by spotting a need and figuring out how to fill it. Marie Molinet is one reader who turned a source of family frustration into a business that helps expat families. Here’s how she explains the creation of the first digital family room. “Since the day my husband and I met […]

So You Want to be a Travel Writer or Photographer?

Somehow travel writing, photography and the untethered expat life just seem to naturally flow together. What career tools are more portable, after all, than a laptop and a camera? If you can write or photograph, you have the means to support your overseas life. If you can do both, you can carve out a big […]

How to Support Yourself Anywhere in the World

Guest post by Kathleen Peddicord You know all those millions of jobs lost in 2008, 2009, and 2010? Many of them didn’t disappear. They’re resurfacing today…online. You can find them if you know how to look…and you can fill them anywhere on earth you can get an Internet connection. I know publishing. Starting 26 years […]

Don’t Wait 31 Days

Early in my blogging career, I joined ProBlogger Darren Rowse and thousands of other bloggers and wannabes. “Give me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Better Blog,” Darren promised. Actually, he didn’t just promise a better blog, but a dramatically better one! For 31 days I read his information and instructions, did the assigned […]

Let Someone Else Pay for Your Explorations

I’ve just returned home from my first scouting trip to Panama. My husband and I spent a week traveling the country, from Panama City to David to Las Tablas, to answer these two questions: Can we see ourselves living in Panama? If yes, do we prefer the David or Las Tablas areas? This was a […]