Fascinating Study Abroad Information

This is pretty interesting. If children are our future, what can we learn from this information about international students? (The primary color shows the ranking of a country based on the number of outbound international students. The inner color of the circle shows the ranking of a country based on the number of inbound international […]

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deals to Help You Save on Expat Swag

It’s that time of year, all you US expats and plan-to-be expats. Thanksgiving. . . Black Friday. . . Cyber Monday. . . Christmas. . . That time when you spend big bucks and look for big savings at the same time. Last year we did a “12 Days of Christmas” series with links to […]

21 More Expat and Travel Blogs to Watch

Following in a more experienced person’s footsteps is a great way to learn something new, or to take the fear factor away from a scary new undertaking. Sharing an expat’s experience with the process of relocating, or their life overseas, can teach some very useful lessons. Here’s a list of expat and travel blogs and […]

On the First Day of Christmas. . .

Still pondering what to get for that expat or future expat on your Christmas list? I thought I’d have some fun with the run-up to Christmas and one of my favorite Christmas ditties. Between now and December 25, I’ll bring you the 12 days of Christmas, shopping-for-expats style. Each day we’ll focus on one aspect […]

It’s Guy Fawkes Day — Do You Know Where Your Government Is?

Remember, remember, the 5th of November The Gunpowder Treason and plot; I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot. Bonfires. . . fireworks. . . November the Fifth, in Great Britain, commemorates the failure of the Gunpowder Plot, an attempt in 1605 to blow up Parliament (and the king). Guy Fawkes […]

Moving Overseas — Is It Really Unpatriotic?

Guest Post by Lee Harrison, International Living “How Can You Be So Unpatriotic?” By most accounts, the time I chose to retire abroad was actually the perfect time to remain in the U.S. The country had just enjoyed eight years of unprecedented prosperity…unemployment was near record peacetime lows, and the markets had recently enjoyed run-ups […]

Hopes, Plans and Dreams

Life can turn upside down in a heartbeat — or in a lack of a heartbeat. Last year I told you about my father’s passing after a long, difficult illness. At the time I wrote, “My father’s death has reminded me — viciously and viscerally — just how short life is. If you delay your […]

Don’t Wait 31 Days

Early in my blogging career, I joined ProBlogger Darren Rowse and thousands of other bloggers and wannabes. “Give me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Better Blog,” Darren promised. Actually, he didn’t just promise a better blog, but a dramatically better one! For 31 days I read his information and instructions, did the assigned […]

When Life Gets Funky

From time to time, some aspect of life seems overwhelming. Most recently, I’ve gotten that feeling of overwhelm from trying to simultaneously plan our trip to Panama while putting the finishing touches on the house in order to list it for sale. Add a few go-rounds with well meaning relatives who don’t have a clue […]

8 Ways to Connect with Future Expat

Recently some readers had questions about how to connect with Future Expat. In a recent video I mentioned the various ways to interact, but I’ll run through them again quickly. Visit the website. Get updates in your email. If you want new articles to land in your email box, just click this link. Or, look […]