Twelve Prep the Move Tools

On the Twelfth Day of ChristmasHere’s the last in our 12 Days of Christmas series of gift-giving ideas for expats. Everything recommended in Days 1-12 will help you or someone near and dear to you plan and execute their overseas move.

Now on the final day, we’re focusing on books and products that will help you prepare for this momentous move, whether it’s a guide to a country of interest or a program to help you determine the steps you need to take to get yourself from Point A to Point B.


On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my expat gave to me. . .
Twelve “Prep the Move” Tools
Eleven Shiny Tech Tools
Ten Expat Books

Nine Freelance Tools
Eight Live Workshops

Seven Expat Movies
Six Travel Skill Sets

Five Writing Resources
Four Exclusive Clubs

Three Premium Blog Themes
Two Blogging Books

And a website for to earn some money

Preparing to Live Overseas

  1. 52 Days To Your New Life Overseas — with extra holiday savings

    Kathleen Peddicord has used her 25 years of writing about the expat life, and 13 years of living as an expat in four different countries to create a guide to take future expats — step by step — from our home countries to our lives abroad. You can read my review here.

    And the best news is, you can save a bundle if you grab it by December 24. Just click here to order and use the coupon code 52OOPS. (You won’t get the savings unless you use the coupon!)

  2. Cheap, Safe, and Friendly: The World’s Top Retirement Havens 
    There are places, the world over, where people are friendly, crime is almost non-existent, health care is excellent, and prices for everything from homes to groceries and doctors’ visits could make you think it’s 1953 again. 
    Places where it is possible to reduce your retirement cost of living, perhaps dramatically…while increasing the quality of your life. 
     We have prepared a series of five Country Retirement Reports that contain complete details on retirement opportunities in some of the world’s top retirement havens right now. 

  3. Revealed: The World’s Top Undiscovered Retirement And Investment Haven

    I’ve found the city that I believe is on track to become one of the world’s most sought-after destinations, for both retirement and investment.

    This overlooked destination checks every box:

    • Perfect weather…it’s springtime all year long… World-class health care (5 of the best hospitals in all Latin America are here)…
    • Very affordable cost of living…
    • And the real estate? It’s a screaming bargain, both to buy and to rent… Plus, the people are friendly, the streets are clean and safe, the infrastructure international-standard…with its restaurants, cafes, galleries, and shops, this place feels more European than Latin American…

    Go here now to learn more

  4. Interested in Panama? Here´s US $3,000 To Launch Your New Life There
    And that´s only the start of what we´re prepared to do help you realize your dreams in the world´s #1 retirement, lifestyle, invesment, and overseas haven…Learn how to earn free admittance to every Panama conference we hold…
    Plus, right now you can arrange to pay for your membership in installments. 
    This couldn´t be easier. And the opportunities in Panama right now couldn´t be bigger. 

  5. If Europe Hits Your Hot Buttons. . . Here´s What To Do If Developing World Living Isn´t For You

    Not everyone is cut out for life in the Tropics or the developing world…
    If you´re more interested in Old World living, consider France. 
    France is the good life defined. The food, the wine, the art, the shopping, the history…
    And here´s what you may not realize about France: Living here, even in Paris, can be far more affordable than you might ever imagine. 

  6. Exotic — and Incredibly Affordable — Asia, Home of the World’s Cheapest Retirement Havens

    Amidst vistas of nearly indescribable beauty, you can pay US$100 a month for rent, spend only 1% of the usual cost of health care, and eat a full lunch for only 50 cents.

    The world doesn’t get any cheaper.

    This land of ancient kingdoms, emperors, explorers, adventurers, traders, and pioneers is also beautiful, safe, welcoming, and, in some parts, completely at peace.

    Go Here Now For More Details

  7. If the Land of Vino and Tango Appeals. . .

    Own Your Own Vineyard In The Next Napa

    Live your dreams and plan for your retirement with a 12% annual yield.

    Here´s how to own your own vineyard, at a fraction of the price you´d find elsewhere

  8. An English-speaking Paradise On The Caribbean

    Belize is a tiny, under-populated, under-developed country (there are but three highways in the whole place) blessed with a long Caribbean coast and a sprinkling of islands just offshore fringed by white sand and palm trees. It´s quintessential Caribbean served up for the non-jet-setter. For, while Belize is more expensive today, certainly, than it was the first time I set eyes on it, more than 20 years ago, it still can be called a bargain. 
    Plus, Belize has a great deal to offer beyond its Caribbean coast and islands. Inland, in the Cayo, Belize is a land of off-road mountain, jungle, river, cave, and waterfall adventures. And that´s not to mention the countless (and sometimes undiscovered) Mayan ruins. 
    Would it be a “good” place to live? Not for everyone. Belize is a 21st-century corsair´s playground, a frontier where you make your own way and the government interferes nearly not at all. This is a country for independent thinkers and self-sufficient sorts. 
    On the other hand: Belize is, in fact, one of the easiest places in the world to obtain foreign residency. It´s also one of the best tax havens in the world…

  9. Overseas Retirement Letter, and Bonus Report on Seven Places to Retire on Social Security Income Alone

    The average Social Security payment in the United States is slightly less than US$1,200 per month. If you qualify for Social Security, you can receive your monthly payment almost anywhere in the world. You can even have it direct-deposited to your overseas account in many countries. Then, Social Security check in hand, even if you have no other retirement income whatsoever, you could retire quite well in seven places our editors have identified. 
    A new report has just been prepared, detailing everything you need to know about receiving your monthly Social Security payments overseas. 
    Plus, this current special report introduces you to the seven most Social Security-friendly overseas retirement havens. 
    It can be yours free with our compliments when you take this opportunity to become a subscriber to the flagship retire-overseas publication, the “Overseas Retirement Letter.” 

  10. Ecuador is consistently rated one of the best overseas retirement destinations. Learn all about it in the Ecuador Owner’s Manual New 2010 Edition
  11. Mexico Owner’s Manual
  12. France: The Owner’s Manual

So there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed our Twelve Days of Christmas gift ideas for expats and plan-to-be expats.

Merry Christmas!

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