11 Expat Blogs and Travel Sites to Enjoy

Expats! Pinterest PinboardEvery few months I try to give you an update on expat and travel websites and blogs I’ve been enjoying. I’ve been having so much fun in Panama that it’s been four months since the last one, so here goes!

Expat Sites

    1. Emma’s House in Portugal tells the story of an American woman who decides to renovate a house in Portugal.
    2. Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal describes Portugal through the eyes of an expat copywriter (portable career, there, folks).
    3. A Mother in France — British mum of five kids living in France.
    4. The French Village Diaries is all about life in a small French town.
    5. My Paris — written by professional chef and author David Lebovitz, gives you lots of information here about Paris, France and food.
    6. French Touch Mom is written by a group of three expat French women about raising their kids in Vancouver, Canada.
    7. Gringa Colombiana is the story of one woman’s journey top find her roots. She was raised in London with an English and a Colombian parent, and now she’s exploring the other part of her heritage.
    8. Paul’s Year-Long Adventure in Asia is over, but he’s shared it all in a blog.

Travel Sites

  1. Women on the Road, a travel site about empowering solo women travelers. The author promises to “show you how any woman, of any age, can hit the road, going solo – and love every minute.”
  2. The Tranquilo Traveler is the personal blog of Joshua Berman, who writes for travel publisher Moon.
  3. Paris Insiders Guide supplies lots of tips and information for travelers to the City of Light.

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