Countries with the Best Quality of Life in 2014 for Expat Retirees

Last week I wrote about the best places for expat quality of life in general. Today we're looking at… [more]

Countries with the Best Quality of Life in 2014 for Expat Retirees Countries with the Best Quality of Life in 2014 for Expat Retirees

Three Ways to Retire Overseas

From the archives. . . There are as many different ways to expatriate or retire overseas as there… [more]

Three Ways to Retire Overseas Three Ways to Retire Overseas

The Fluffernutter and Banana Sandwich of Portable Careers

I remember loving fluffernutter and banana sandwiches as a kid. A thick layer of creamy peanut butter,… [more]

The Fluffernutter and Banana Sandwich of Portable Careers The Fluffernutter and Banana Sandwich of Portable Careers

Thanksgiving Traditions — Are they the Same Overseas?

image of cranberries cooking

There’s nothing like the holidays to bring out the best — or the worst — in you when you’re living overseas. If you’re lonely, disoriented, or homesick, holidays can make you feel much worse. If you’re enjoying your life, holidays can be a lot of fun. But guess what? That can happen when you’re in […]

Here’s Yet Another Reason to use a VPN!

image of infographic

I’ve written quite a bit about using VPNs when you’re living or traveling abroad. (You can find previous articles here, here and here.) Now here’s another reason — with thanks to VyprVPN for the infographic. You can save a bundle on flights and car rentals when booking travel if you use your VPN. Not just […]

UnoTelly: A Great Way to Watch US TV Abroad, and now, Win Prizes, too!

image of UnoTelly contest poster

A while back I told you about UnoTelly. When we lived in Panama, I used UnoTelly to watch US TV programming easily. It’s not a full-fledged VPN, although it acts like one when you’re accessing Netflix, Hulu, and other TV-specific websites. Expat friends were complaining that was blocking their VPN, but I had no […]

Rainmaker Platform: Manage your Portable Career Easier and Faster

image of Rainmaker slogan

Living or traveling abroad, you want to spend less time on your portable career and have more time free for the living and travel part. At least, I do. That portable career probably includes a website (and if it doesn’t, it should). I’m a big believer in building websites with WordPress. It’s an easy-to-use CMS […]

The Retiree’s Guide to Moving Abroad

protect yourself in an international move

Guest Post by Graham Byers Making the move abroad is an enormous step – not least if you’ve spent the majority of your life in one place. The daunting prospect of relocating to somewhere completely alien to you may be pretty unsettling in the early stages, but the good news is that by making all […]

10 Things I (Already) Miss About Las Tablas and Panama

rainbow over Panama

Last week my husband and I flew out of Panama’s Tocumen International Airport for the last time. Well, maybe not the last time forever, but for at least a couple of years. If you’re not on my mailing list, Facebook page or Google Plus page, you might have missed the announcement. Long story short, my […]

Why it’s Worth Expatriating to China

image of Shanghai, China

Guest Post from Expat Explorer For many, a move to China has always been a dream. The country is rich in mysterious history and culture and the sheer size of it makes for an explorer’s utopia. Living in China, whether you are in Shanghai, Chengdu or a village on a mountain top, can be an […]

Your Portable Career Needs Authority — Get Yours Here!

image of Authority logo

A little over a year ago, Brian Clark and the team at Copyblogger Media started something called Authority. It’s a combination teaching/training/resources/forums site that teaches you, the online business owner, how to develop a successful content-based business. If you’re putting together a portable career, you need (small-a) authority to: Find and win clients Attract an […]

Living Abroad is Mainstream (Now)

image of Panama City

A few years ago, when we told people we were moving to Panama, many assumed we meant Panama City, Florida. This spring,we were in the US for five weeks. Traveling up and down the East Coast was an eventful time, and we bounced from Georgia to Virginia to Massachusetts, Vermont and New York State. Throughout […]

International House Sitting is a Thing?!

picture of Ashley

Guest Post by Ashley Mudra Note from Future Expat: You’ve heard my side of the experience, now it’s Ashley’s turn! I’d never heard of it before. Why would anyone trust their home and pets to me, a total stranger? And how would I even find these international trusting people? While researching for my upcoming travels, […]