Three Ways to Retire Overseas

From the archives. . . There are as many different ways to expatriate or retire overseas as there… [more]

Three Ways to Retire Overseas Three Ways to Retire Overseas

The Fluffernutter and Banana Sandwich of Portable Careers

I remember loving fluffernutter and banana sandwiches as a kid. A thick layer of creamy peanut butter,… [more]

The Fluffernutter and Banana Sandwich of Portable Careers The Fluffernutter and Banana Sandwich of Portable Careers

Where’s the Best Place to Retire Overseas?

As the year 2012 draws to a close, it's natural to review the previous year and look forward to the next.… [more]

Where’s the Best Place to Retire Overseas? Where's the Best Place to Retire Overseas?

Las Tablas, Panama: To You, it’s only a Hot Dog. To me, it’s a Sign of Growth

picture of American hotdogs

Today my husband came back from Chitre with a huge smile on his face. He was as excited as a little kid with a new toy as he unloaded the car. The new Riba Smith store has opened in Chitre, and that’s cause for celebration at our house. (Chitre is about a half hour drive […]

Countries with the Best Quality of Life in 2014 for Expat Retirees

picture of Georgetown, Malaysia

Last week I wrote about the best places for expat quality of life in general. Today we’re looking at the places that are best for retirees. By “retiree” I don’t mean you have to be over 65 and not working. I just mean you’re not employed full-time by a multinational company. You could be in […]

Countries with the Highest Quality of Life in 2014

picture of HSBC survey interactive map

Where in this big, glorious world can you find the countries with the highest quality of life? There’s no single answer to that question. Mark Twain famously said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Keep that in mind when you’re reviewing “best of” and “worst of” rankings. Several organizations produce […]

Quality of Life is an Elusive Beast

rainbow over Panama

“Quality of life” means something different to each of us. On top of that, it changes over time. What makes for great quality of life when we’re in our 20s doesn’t work so well when our kids are in Middle and High School, or after they go off to college. And nothing teaches you about […]

After the Lights and Music End: The Dark Side of Carnaval in Las Tablas, Panama [Video]


Carnaval in Las Tablas, Panama, is a huge event. It brings around 100,000 visitors to the town — and Las Tablas’ normal population is only about 10,000. Merchants make a big chunk of their annual sales before, during and after Carnaval. Families earn some extra income by bunking in together and renting out houses or […]

How do you Find Trusted Housesitters?


When you live overseas, going away for a while can be more complicated than it would be in your home country. This is especially true if you have pets. While it’s become easier to bring your pets with you when you move, it can be very difficult to travel with them once you get there. […]

Carnaval in Las Tablas, Panama

Display at Mall Paseo Central

Carnaval (yes, that’s the correct Spanish spelling for Carnival) is a big deal here. A very big deal. Every year the town of Las Tablas swells to more than 10 times its normal population. This normally quiet town — residents describe it as muy tranquilo — jumps from about 10,000 people to over 100,000 for […]

How Reliable are Utilities in Las Tablas, Panama?

Letters to Future Expat

It’s time for another peek into the expat mailbag. Here’s a question that I haven’t thought about in a while (and trust me, that’s a good thing!). Utility Outages Hi, I love your website, there’s nothing like hearing about a place first-hand! What about electricity, water, and internet outages? How often, if at all, do […]

Bon Appetit! A Real French Restaurant in Las Tablas, Panama [review]

famous Paris landmarks

Although it’s a small town, Las Tablas boasts an authentic French restaurant. Located in the heart of downtown, only one block from the Park, Restaurante Lounge El Paris occupies a second floor balcony space. Like most restaurants in this area, it’s open air. Diners enjoy more cooling breezes up on the second floor, and the […]

The Worldwide Struggle for Internet Freedom

uncensored internet

As an expat, you need a free and uncensored internet so you can see and share news, connect with loved ones, and enjoy the social media, entertainment and other amenities you’re used to. Sadly, censorship is increasing all over the globe — and you might be surprised at where it’s occurring. Take a look at […]